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Do You Even Mosh, Bro? (An essay detailing my hatred of most strangers)

Guys! I got to see Jack’s Mannequin last night on their Ten Years in Transit tour! Recently, after playing “Satellite,” I heard a Columbus radio announcer say something along the lines of, “And that was Andrew McMahon. He’s not totally new to the music scene. He used to be in another band you may or may… Continue reading Do You Even Mosh, Bro? (An essay detailing my hatred of most strangers)

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I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller…

In a million different ways, I think the internet and social media are extremely beneficial to us in this fast-paced world. Need a quick recipe for a work potluck? You got it. Last minute birthday gift? Amazon prime has you covered. How tall is Josh Hutcherson? Short, says google. Want new makeup without showering or… Continue reading I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller…

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Ballin’ on a Budget Installment 1: Fashion

If you’re anything like me, you picked a weird major, worked your ass off in college, and then accepted a soul-sucking job afterward. Congratulations! I am to understand that this is called, “The American Dream.” For real though, my career life post-collegiately can be summed up as: nights holidays and weekends in retail, or banking.… Continue reading Ballin’ on a Budget Installment 1: Fashion

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My Weekly Winter TV Lineup

Hayooo, in case you’ve never met me, or read my twitter (@leighannlilly, shameless!), I’m obsessed with television. I truly do mean obsessed. I take on character’s personalities, I look up, “Dress like Jessica Day,” sites, and I even fall in love with some leading men; I’m looking at you, Peter Prentice. I’d like to think… Continue reading My Weekly Winter TV Lineup

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Spotlight Saturdays: Adult Acne

In case you missed the title, I’m going to do Spotlight Saturdays on people, places, products, and topics that are relevant, exciting, and relatable. Since I don’t have any kind of following yet, (Dear Diary, Thank God I’ve found such a good hiding spot for you, lest my mom know I’m thinking about asking my… Continue reading Spotlight Saturdays: Adult Acne