Seasonally Me

I’m here again with another mental health post that I hope is relatable to some of you.

I don’t know what it is about the seasons changing that renders me unable to function as usual, but here we are. And here I am. The past two weeks have been particularly difficult and the part that’s baffling to me season after season is that I’m often very excited for the changing seasons. So done with winter by the onset of spring that I’m praying for warmth and sunlight. So over sweating on the brink of fall that I’m dreaming of boots and holiday lights. And yet, despite the oncoming reality of things I’ve hoped for, I feel so hopeless.

Am I alone in this?

I think a lot of these seasonal blues come from my deeply rooted distaste for change. A simultaneous gratefulness for more daylight and a preliminary nostalgia for snowflakes and nights by the fireplace.

Bonus: I mentioned in passing that we’re trying to move. Which, per the above, I have wanted to do for years and now that it’s a reality, my chest feels tight thinking about other people making memories in our home.

I think a really important and necessary step to beating seasonal sadness for me is simply to be aware that I’m experiencing some kind of funk, so congratulations to me! Step one is out of the way. I’m taking today totally off. Like parking it on the couch, catching up on books and blogs and Netflix and not worrying about too much else. I need some mental and emotional rest (and honestly physical, I haven’t been sleeping enough at all), and I’m giving myself that today. Then, to beat these springtime (robin’s egg) blues, I’m going to focus on all the upcoming stuff I have to look forward to, even if most of it stresses me out! (Another fun perk of anxiety/depression that I’m sure some of you can relate to, even things you’re excited for can sometimes crush you with panic, ahh, good times).

On deck this spring:

April – A trip to Dallas for a fun girl’s weekend!

May – A week in Florida which I desperately, desperately need.

June – My childhood best friend’s wedding!

Sometime?? A new house to make a home, I hope.

If you need me today, I’ll be physically on my couch, but mentally in my happy place.


What are you looking forward to this spring?

xoxo Leigh Ann

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