Blogmas Day 3: November Favorites

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the most fun time to share favorites! November was a crazy month both professionally, and personally, but it did churn out some favorites to share with you! 

  1. First up, is a book – The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer. I read this book along with my church small group and it was surprisingly insightful. It’s written by a pastor and leans heavily on the foundations of Christianity, but I truly think there’s something here for everyone, especially the millennial. I think all of us are guilty of living life in a rush; we want the closest parking space, the first spot in line, we can’t wait for Friday, and we haven’t singletasked since preschool. I am self admittedly living life in the slow lane and still found valuable nuggets of wisdom in this book. The gist? Slow down, be mindful (of your surroundings, your goals, the people that matter), and while you’re slowing down, use some of that extra time to be extra prayerful. This was a well timed read for my current season of life! Ruthless Elimination
  2. This is a little bit random, but one of my best friends introduced me to Frixion erasable pens, and there’s no turning back. I write a daily journal entry and I hate having crossed out scribbles or using white out. Frixion to the rescue! And no, these are nothing like the “erasable” pens of yore (you know which ones I’m talking about), they actually erase totally. It’s like magic. Just uh, don’t use them for checks! 
    Frixion Pens
  3. I recently started seeing an esthetician for my rosacea and acne, and folks, the hype behind professional skincare is so justified. Don’t get it twisted, it’s still so important to see a dermatologist yearly for skin checks to help in the prevention of skin cancer, but when it comes to dedicated skincare, a Licensed Esthetician knows what’s up! At my age, I want to be fighting wrinkles, not acne, but acne is a legitimate health concern and has to take priority over ironing out fine lines. I’ve tried everything short of Accutane, and am so excited to be taking a topical and overall health approach to my skin. Anyway, all that said, I’ve been using strictly Face Reality skincare products, and my skin is loving the change. My favorite product so far is the cleanser
    Face Reality
  4. Lastly, you know I’ve been binging some Netflix. I can’t wait to share my Netflix Christmas flips and flops, but until then, there’s School of Chocolate. Kyle and I knocked out this series in just a few days, and if you’re a fan of Zumbo’s Just Desserts, and The Great British Bake Off, you will love this show. Join chefs from all over as they compete in a chocolate competition under the careful instruction of master pastry chef, Amaury Guichon. Some of the pastries churned out in this series are unbelievable works of art, and I’m a total sucker for watching dreams come true! School of Chocolate

xoxo So Elfing Tired



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4 responses to “Blogmas Day 3: November Favorites”

  1. mindbeautysimplicity Avatar

    erasable pens? – now i need to try these!

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    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      They are magical 🙌🙌 hot tip, target has them available for curbside pickup lol

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  2. Crystal Myers Avatar
    Crystal Myers


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  3. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

    They were the worst!!


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