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  • Thirty-Fun Facts About Me

    Thirty-Fun Facts About Me

    Hey, hey! It’s my birthday! There are some new faces here that have joined me since blogmas, and somehow, in my post-blogmas hiatus. What better day for me to introduce myself than my birthday? If you’re new around here, hi, hello. I appreciate you, and your reading this post is literally part of making my […]

  • My 30 Under 30 Unintentional Bucket List

    My 30 Under 30 Unintentional Bucket List

    Welp, we’re here. Today is my 30th birthday. I’ve been thinking hard about what I wanted today’s post to be like and then this idea hit me. Often when people have bucket lists, they contain various thrill seeking, majorly risky, big ideas. I’ve never had a bucket list like that. I’m not into that kind […]

  • 29 Years

    29 Years

    Hi! I hope you guys had a great weekend! I turned 29 today, so I’ve spent a good portion of this week reflecting on 28 years of life, (that is so crazy to type out) and holy crap have I got some stories, haha. I’m going to keep it pretty simple on this dreary Wednesday, […]