My Weekly Winter TV Lineup

Hayooo, in case you’ve never met me, or read my twitter (@leighannlilly, shameless!), I’m obsessed with television. I truly do mean obsessed. I take on character’s personalities, I look up, “Dress like Jessica Day,” sites, and I even fall in love with some leading men; I’m looking at you, Peter Prentice.

I’d like to think that this winter, I have a pretty diverse lineup, so I’m ready to share! Disclaimer: Please take that with a grain of salt, as I recently learned that Olivia Pope is a character, not a person, I think Game of Thrones is about poker (is it about poker?), and I give zero craps about the anatomy of Grey. OMG… I get Taylor Swift’s cat’s names now…. Anyway, I digress.

Sundays 9pm on E!

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Much like I don’t give a shit about Grey, I also don’t give one about your judgement here. I get it, they are pretty easy to hate on from an outside perspective. They’re wealthy, super hot, and if you’ve never watched or, “Kept up,” with them, I can see how it may look like the fame and wealth fell into their laps for no reason. Truly, the show is honest. They are all real life, hard-working people, and they bare everything for us to see each week: zits, cellulite, health problems, relationship issues, addiction, chaotic family life. To me, there is something mesmerizing about their reality. Also, they frequently volunteer for the homeless, make charity donations, and rescue animals, so suck on that! Haters.

10pm on ABC

Quantico … is on winter break, but click the link to catch up!

Dude, this is totally not my ballpark, but it is riveting as hell. The whole cast is extremely gorgeous. The plot is scary and relevant. Follow these FBI hopefuls through their training at Quantico, only to be flashed forward to present day when one, now-agent, has been framed for a terrorist attack.  I will warn though, each episode is a cliffhanger, but that’s only annoying because the content is so great.

Mondays 8pm on ABC

The Bachelor

Ladies. Tune the hell in. If you’ve ever laid on a couch, watching Pop-up Brady for days on end, dreaming about how Peter Brady would be your ideal match, THIS IS THE SEASON FOR YOU! I fell in love with Ben Higgins on Kaitlyn’s season of The Bachelorette, and frankly, I am super amped to watch his ridiculously good looking face fall in love over the coming weeks. These shows are entertainment at its best. Bitches be crazy, for real. You will laugh, but you might also cry. Because, as you may have already guessed, “I do believe the process works.” Also, Chris Harrison is banging hot, and he’s guaranteed, weekly.

Tuesdays… are a mess. So much television goodness is happening. I suggest if you share a similar television passion, you invest in a DVR.

New Girl (RETURNS!!!!!!) 8pm on Fox

I hate to play favorites, but wait, no I don’t. NEW GIRL IS MY FAVORITE! These quirky assholes take on a Friends-esqueness (guys, I take it seriously too. Those are gigantic shoes to fill) that is hilarious and touching. If you’re not watching, you’ve got a lot of catching up, but it will be worth it. If you’re not convinced to watch.. maybe this will help. Megan Fox will actually guest star in three or four early episodes of this mid-season premier. I am so ready to be back in the loft!

P.S. I love Nick Miller a ton more than what is acceptable as far as romantic feelings for fictional characters go.

The Flash 8pm on The CW

The Flash returns this week from a short winter break, and I am so excited! This show is defining in my history, as I am finally (and much to my husband’s delight) really into superheroes. Thank you Barry Allen for being smoking hot and adorably baby-faced. I owe you one! Barry and his gang fight villains left and right, from our planet… and our planet’s sequel, apparently. I am not too interested in The Arrow, however, the shows cross over a lot (dream job, my dream fucking job) so the casts and plot lines mix often. It’s definitely edge of your seat tv. You won’t be sorry you caught up!

The Mindy Project streaming live on hulu on Tuesdays, follow @mindykaling on twitter for more info!

I am so glad that hulu picked this show up, If not for New Girl, the announcement of Mindy’s cancellation would’ve killed Fox for me. Dead. Big mistake. Huge. I think the freedom of hulu has really ramped up the writing style for this show; the whole gang is back at Shulman & Associates, and they’re funnier than ever. If you’re not caught up, I suggest logging into your hulu account prepared to laugh! And, Peter Prentice, hubba hubba.

Thursdays 8pm

The Big Bang Theory on CBS

How about #shamy this season, huh? Of all my addictions, this is absolutely the most touching. This cast has been together for eight and a half seasons, and their real life love for one another definitely seeps out all over the show (and their instagrams, and twitters…). I think there is just something really relatable about a bunch of nerds taking on dating, careers, and the world. We’re all just a bunch of nerds trying to navigate life, right? Oh, just me. Whatever.

Lastly, one I’m excited for is Superstore, Mondays at 8pm on NBC. I’ve previewed some footage on hulu (this gives me hope that the whole season will stream on hulu after airing?) and this looks like a hilarious show. Also, the male lead, Ben Feldman, is crazy beautiful and just so happened to guest star in my favorite episode of The Mindy Project, “Weiner Night.”

So, that’s my winter lineup! Now that winter has finally decided to show its face, (about two weeks too late, you idiot. When none of us give a damn about snow anymore) I don’t feel bad at all about pretending to work out while I’m actually just watching tv gold. What’s your lineup like?



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