March Madness!

Hello sports fans! Did I successfully lure you in with that headline? Well, I hate to disappoint, but this is not about basketball. (Dammit, I should’ve waited until the end to tell you that.) Today’s post is about BIRTHDAYS!

As luck would have it, myself, and many of the people I love were born in March! So many people, that all month long, March feels like a giant birthday celebration, which is great in comparison to one day.

** This is the quick blurb in the blog where I wish two of the sexiest people on earth a belated HBD. Kesha and Biebs, I love you both! Hope your birthdays were full of glitter, Jack, and hair bleach.

Anywaaaaay, moving right along, March is such a fun time of year (biased. don’t care.) because winter is making an exit, and spring is on the horizon. Longer days lie ahead of us, people! So, I thought, how about we do a gift guide because I LOVE PRESENTS RAWRRRRR?!?! But for real, some of my best guy pals will be one trip ’round the sun older this month too so, shall we?

  1. I hate to say the obvious here, but gift cards. Usually, I am such a massive gift card hater. I would so much rather open up an ugly, itchy sweater on Christmas than a gift card. A gift card on Christmas is basically saying to me, “Good luck venturing out to a mall. You will fight the crowds, or you’ll wait until your birthday to use this! Also, I waited until Christmas Eve to shop, so sorry.” However, in my birthday experience, my friends and family usually set aside a day for me, and if I get a gift card, I’m free to use it that day! Also, as the weather is transitioning, gift cards (especially for clothing stores) accommodate a purchase for cool weather, or maybe some sandals and tanks for the spring optimist. My ultimate gift cards are the kind of all encompassing ones, like Amazon, iTunes and Ulta. Hello, choices!
  2. Food. For whatever reason, (and perhaps that’s my unhealthy addiction to sweet snacks) I am very touched when people make me food. Cupcakes, potlucks, whatever the food may be, shows me that you took the time to grocery shop and then prepare something for me. When in doubt about what to get someone for their birthday, ask around for their favorite cakes or snacks and put your cooking and baking skills to use! I’ve currently got some funfetti cupcakes in the oven for my father-in-law, but if you’re up to the challenge, check out Pinterest or youtube for some made from scratch recipes! My obvious favorite is anything Zoella, like her homemade take on funfetti cupcakes.
  3. Books! When I’m on the hunt for birthday gifts, I try to keep the size of the gift relatively small. As we get older and birthday parties kind of fade away, I’ve scaled gift sizes down to things that are easy to take to a restaurant, or sneak onto someone’s desk at work. Plus, I’m a nerd and books are my favorite. Since my birthday is tomorrow, (yay!) my sweet husband has already gifted me a few things that I’m excited to share with you! March is the time of year that I always start worrying about my summer bod, so I’m really excited to dive into two books that lay out suggestions for a healthier lifestyle, but focus more heavily on just loving the crap out of your beautiful self regardless. If you’re in need of this message as well, (aren’t we all?) check out Strong Looks Better Naked by my girl Khloe Kardashian and Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body by super bae, Kate Hudson.
  4. Superhero and sports stuff. Is that vague? To elaborate, exciting basketball times are about to happen, baseball is about to happen, and this spring and summer will be jam packed with new superhero movies! Just to name a few, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, and Suicide Squad. Unfortunately, this sort of memorabilia can often be expensive, but I’ve found a few exceptions to that rule! Not only does Old Navy have an entire MLB Shop for men, women and babies, all under $30, they also have a great selection of superhero tees if you peruse their graphics. If you’re looking for something a little smaller, check out the giant selection of Funko Pop Figures at hot topic. These are adorable desktop gifts and on hot topic’s website, you can actually filter by hero :).
  5. Mail. I love snail mail. I love letters. I love cards. I love mailing small gifts to people on birthdays, or Wednesdays, or just any old time. As you get older, people follow dreams, and jobs, and love interests, and before you know it, everyone you love is scattered all over the place. Mail is such a heartwarming way to keep up! If just a card or a letter won’t do, I have some favorite small gifts that I’ve sent along a few times. Pretty Please Nail Polish boasts quality polishes with the option to give your selected color a custom name. I love sending these as gifts! (Thus far, I’ve come up with things like Crystal Blue, I love you! And other obviously cunning and witty puns…) I’ve also sent out a few copies of Wreck This Journalwhich has proved to be a great anytime gift, and comes in a bunch of different colors and looks, so you can tailor the journal to your giftee!
  6. Music. Why not give the gift of music? Everyone loves an iTunes gift card, everyone loves going to see their favorite bands play live. And if you’re me, you still love a good, old-fashioned physical CD. Who’s on my lineup this spring? So glad you asked! I’ll be seeing both of my celebrity #mce’s coming up, Charlie Puth and good ole Justin Bieber. Even more exciting though, (and yeah, that’s possible) is that my good friends of A Story Told will be releasing a full length album on March 25th. (Oh hay, if it isn’t another March baby!) You can preorder the album on their website. I’m going for the Keep Watch bundle because I can never have enough t-shirts. What can you expect to hear on Keep Watch? A load of awesomeness to the likes the album’s first release, “Cold Blooded.” (This video is really awesome, it’s worth your click!)

Finally, there is no greater gift than receiving love from the people you love! So, to my fellow pisces friends, here’s to another year of life together! I love you and very much wish we were all in the same place to celebrate, just like old times!


xoxo Marchbirthbaes








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    Jeffery Lilly

    Love you lil baby. Happy Birthday


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