December 26th…

Hello all! I’m back from a six month hiatus. No excuses.

If you’re anything like me, outside of attending a funeral or getting delivered some sort of unexpected bad news, December 26th is consistently the most depressing day of the year. Year in, and year out for me, today sucks. You see, after today, I fall into a very real fiveish month slump. This is the time of year when my anxiety takes a major toll on me mentally and physically. I expect this year will be even worse as it is the first time I’ve been off of my anxiety meds in 11 (YES ELEVEN) years. This is actually a MAJOR personal victory of mine, and I have plans to discuss all of that at a later date.

You see, I’m obsessed with springtime, and I tolerate summer, fall is my absolute favorite, and everything post Halloween is just a major festive build up to Christmas! From October first until December twenty-fifth, I am about the happiest pumpkin spice loving elf on the planet. I love pumpkins and candy, cheap jello cranberry sauce, gift buying, GIFT WRAPPING, trees and carols and… need I go on? December 26th, ALL the magic, all of it, flies out the window and into the bleak and desolate winter. I don’t care how dramatic that all sounds, it is literally how I feel.

Pardon the French, but I’ve never given two shits about New Year’s Eve.. or Day. When I was younger, I associated it with going back to school. Now that I’m older, I associate it with having to do the same redundant mediocre crap as usual, only the weather is incredibly shitty and there is zero to look forward to. Gosh, I am such a peach.

This year, I’m turning over a new leaf though. An orange, crispy, fall leaf! For the first time maybe ever, I feel on top of my New Year’s resolutions, (gag me, the concept even!) and a week early, no doubt! I’m also taking some of my own advice and not setting myself up for failure this year. I’m not planning to work out to get a six pack, save money to buy a new house, etc. Inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, and frankly just a personal need to do so, it’s going to be a year to just improve on me. However minute or drastic those improvements may be, I want to do things for the sole purpose of personally feeling better. Mentally, physically, financially, and in my relationships, I just want to improve.

I’ll have a lot to share over the coming months! Both personally, and for the blog. Which, by the way, there are surprises in store; they’ve just taken quite a bit longer than I anticipated! Until then, what are you looking forward to in 2017?

xoxo ReadyforDecember27th







2 responses to “December 26th…”

  1. brokeao1 Avatar

    Yay! Welcome back! So excited to see all you have to say next year! I think I am in a similar boat as you in that I am looking to improve more with things within than outside of me. It should be an interesting year!


  2. J. K. Lilly Avatar
    J. K. Lilly

    You so crazy! Love Dad.


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