Happy Birthday LALA: 2016 in Review

Happy birthday to laughing at leigh ann!!! 2016 was quite a year, and even though I basically abandoned this for half of it, I’m still happy to see a few views and comments here and there, and I remain proud of myself for biting the bullet and starting something I’ve dreamed of starting for years! Here we are, an entire trip around the sun later; shit’s exciting, amiright?

The internet is hilarious in the week leading up to NYE. From the hashtagBLESSED: my life is a cloud and I’m just floating on it, to the GOOD RIDDANCE: I have no reason to even live, I have thoroughly enjoyed and giggled at meme after meme. For me, it’s really hard to quantify an entire year as good or bad. 2016 was filled with mostly ups, and some downs. But as I mentioned in the last post, I feel particularly motivated to do a little moving and shaking in the new year.

So, where to even begin? I think I’ll share some of the downs with you first so we can end on a high note. In February, I made the really difficult decision to leave a job I liked enough, working with people I loved a lot. I honestly think that was the first time in my entire life that I was surrounded by people who genuinely appreciated me for me, in all my weirdness. I returned the favor by loving them for all their weirdness too. I was, and still am, incredibly grateful for those relationships. I still get the warm fuzzies thinking about it. Unfortunately though, sometimes you have to make not so fun grown up decisions and take on new and exciting opportunities, despite how scary they may be.

In March, one of those dear, accepting souls gave birth to twins at 23 weeks. This hit that tight knit group of people pretty hard, and I buckled down in prayer and action with the help of friends. This story will ultimately have a happy ending, and I receive regular mass emails on the baby’s progress as it unfolds!

In early summer, (about the time I stopped posting) tragedy struck in a bunch of different ways. My home state was slammed with flooding. It pained me to be away and not be able to directly help in such a time of need. Around this time, my dear friend’s husband (also a dear friend) was diagnosed with cancer. We are young, and they have a baby, and frankly I think it scared the shit out of everyone. **Silver lining: Though it was definitely in really unfortunate circumstances, they decided to do treatment here, and we got to spend a lot of time with them over the summer eating good food and snuggling a cute baby. I’m also ecstatic to report that he has been cancer free for a few months!

Some other blips along the way are pretty comical now, including Kyle and I getting “the PURGE” simultaneously, birds living in our vents, email battles with our homeowner’s association, and (through poor timing on our part) being without a washer and dryer for seven weeks. (COME ON JANUARY FOURTH, momma needs some clean socks!!!!)

Fortunately, the highlights of 2016 far outnumber any of the pitfalls!

In leaving my previous job, I took on a new, exciting, and challenging opportunity in the industry I feel most drawn to. I’ve tackled being out of my comfort zone and developing skills I had long since left behind, like, high school left behind. I’ve made friends, and I feel like it was the right life and career choice for me.

I’ve gone to TONS of concerts/shows, and this is among my favorite things about this city that still feels super new to me. Notably, I got to see THE BIEBS, Nick and Demi, FREAKING RELIENT K, my main bae Eric Hutchinson, The 1975, Lucius (VIP! Thanks, Crystal), Ellie Goulding, Charlie Puth, and the list goes on. Closest to my heart though, are the few times I got to see (and host!) A Story Told. There is nothing quite like the feeling I get thinking of friends living out their dreams.

In July, I got to have a weeklong vacation with my dad. This is probably the most time we’ve gotten to spend together in two years, and this was by far my favorite week of 2016. We did a little shopping, hit up our usual eateries, and even dragged Kyle to Fayetteville to do some hiking. (That was a last ditch effort for him to fall madly in love with WV, and it actually kinda worked.)

The summer was totally filled with the weddings of people who are super special to me. I am obsessed with weddings, and I happy cry every. damn. time. I really enjoyed spending time with some long lost Dallas Texans, Chicagoans, and Morgantowners. Just generally, summer was pretty magical with lots of road trips, some quality time with out-of-towners, and a few consecutive weekend treks home.

Fall is my favorite season, and it really did not disappoint this year! We managed to find about 88% of our decorations, visited a pumpkin patch, and vacationed in Florida close to Halloween, which was kind of the most fun thing ever. My mom, aunt, and cousins even paid us a long weekend visit!

2016, I do not hate you. I could’ve dealt without the election. I would’ve loved to see all of those icons live longer. I think America needs to address some very real violence issues. I hate cancer forever. BUT, the world is full of a lot of good. Let’s manifest all the good we’ve got in 2017! I’ll see you on the other side, peeps!

xoxo thebirthdayblog

P.S. Long live snapchat filters and champagne pop. To infinity and beyond!!







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    J. K. Lilly

    Best one yet. Keep them coming.


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