When Life Happens

Last time I sat down and typed out a post, my family and I were bracing for what we thought was the imminent loss of a loved one. I was lost, and sad, and hysterical. The thought of actually publishing that post seemed wrong to me. So I didn’t. I’m incredibly glad that I didn’t.

Fortunately, that person is still with us today, and very much on the mend. The weeks since that night have been full of prayers, hospital visits, hospital admissions for other loved ones, doctors visits for myself, trees falling on houses (with thankfully no damages), and round three of upper respiratory infection this winter. Faith has carried all of us through a trying time. It may be trivial to say this is a trying time. The outcome of all of these situations has been much more positive than expected, but no, I cannot deny that this season of life has taken a toll on me emotionally.

The past two months have been a blur of work, hours on the phone with family members, and a hefty sprinkling of birthdays. Even when things sometimes get messy, it is impossible to deny the goodness and love in life. So anyway, I’m back and we’re all here today, which is blessing enough.

Promise to hit you with something much lighter soon!

xoxo Springishopeful







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