Love Your Roots

Happy 4th, everyone! There’s something about celebrating the birth of our nation that makes me even more grateful for the beautiful place I grew up in. For 24 years of my life, West Virginia was my little piece of the USA to celebrate yearly, and for that, I feel incredibly blessed.

I spent some time at home this weekend, and now I’m back in Ohio, already reminiscing on all of the small town life I got to live for the past three days. Living in a pretty urban part of Ohio has really opened the floodgates when it comes to condescending remarks about my home state. I dust those off and don’t let them get to me, because some folks are just a little bit oblivious. For many of the people I interact with daily, West Virginia is nothing but a fleeting blip on the map between Ohio and their more tropical destinations. For me, it’s a lot more. It’s the callouses on my feet, every freckle on my arms, the twang in my accent, the friendly wave when someone lets me out in traffic, and the biggest part of my heart.

So today, while we’re all celebrating how lucky we are to live in good old USofA, I thought I would share with you some awesome things from my slice of America! **Scroll photos for captions and photo credits**

Photo Jul 01, 6 28 04 PM
Photo cred: Ken Lilly

When I was little and we would travel to the beach, I would always roll down the windows as we got near and marvel at how I could smell the ocean. Now, when I get to WV, I’m always so happy to smell home. It’s like sweet earth, and it’s especially wonderful after rain. White Barn, you’re missing a candle opportunity!

West Virginia has all four seasons, and they’re all stunning.

The people come together to face adversity head on, then we get back to a little A Story Told 🙂

There are so many fun places to eat and shop local; I wish I had more pictures! (Also, Ohio, you’re welcome for Pies & Pints!) Photo cred middle left: @crystalmyers

Shop gifts/clothing:                                                     Food/Gifts:

Kin Ship Goods– Charleston, WV                           Capitol Market– Charleston, WV

Bearwood Company– Hurricane, WV                  Hidden Creek Mercantile– Hurricane, WV

Tamarack– Beckley, WV                                            Lola’s Pizza– Charleston, WV

Country Store- Fayetteville, WV                             Secret Sandwich Society– Fayetteville, WV

Taylor Books– Charleston, WV


I developed a true love for dance here. In doing so, a sense of discipline was instilled in me, I made lifelong friends, have a second mom, and we freaking won shit. Like a lot. ❤

When my husband and I got engaged, I knew there was one thing I absolutely would not compromise on. We were getting married in West Virginia. Over the years, it turns out that no matter the location or weather, West Virginia is the most beautiful place to promise a lifetime commitment. Photo cred top right: Alex Chaney

Fall is the absolute best. From the Pumpkin House, to the Pumpkin Festival, Bridge Day, and everything in between, I fall hard for Fall in West Virginia.

Last, but most definitely not least, it’s just a beautiful state full of all my favorite places, memories, and people! Thanks for the sweetest roots, Almost Heaven. Until next time.

Happy Fourth, friends!

xoxo- LaughingatLeighAnn



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  1. Ken Avatar

    Best one yet. Keep writing!


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