Hi friends! Tis the season to count blessings, and tonight, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for this life. November is a month of thankfulness, and I thought I’d  share with you just a snippet of the abounding goodness in my life.

First of all, my phenomenal parents. Just a small, hilarious example of what those two do for me: a few weeks ago, my insurance denied me coverage on a prescription medicine, and it was going to cost me FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS (literally, wtf) to fill it, to which both my parents, to paraphrase, responded, “I’ll call those assholes myself and you won’t pay a penny more than 12 dollars for that shit.” It’s like the older you get, the more aware you become of your humor, your passions, and how you build relationships… and to my parents, thank you for what you’ve given me, truly.

My friends. Guys, to date, 2017 has been the most exciting year amongst my friends. From engagements, to marriages, to babies, friends who make music, create content, foster kittens, obsess over Riverdale, help me get promoted at work, become nurse practitioners and dentists, and freaking travel the world to better the lives of others, like shit. It’s been a good one. I’ve rekindled old friendships, and sparked new ones. I’m fresh off of the best Halloween weekend of my life. Warm and fuzzy thoughts just thinking of all of your accomplishments. Friends, you’re the best!


Speaking of music and content tho, I’m just so proud of these people, CLICK and you won’t regret it:

A Story Told has a new album called Good Looks, and it’s lit!

And Crystal (the mastermind behind this site’s aesthetic) has a vlogging channel that makes me laugh, and is quickly becoming my favorite Youtube go-to.

Husband, kitten, home. It has taken years, truly years, for me to feel like anywhere that’s not my dad’s house in good ole Hurricane, WV is home, but I finally do here. Our little house has become a home and there are few things I cherish more than sitting on the couch with my little family, eating dinner together and watching Jeopardy. Not everything in life is glamorous, and I am so so appreciative of my everyday normal.

So here’s to being incredibly thankful for health, happiness, and every other blessing in life. New parents commonly say, “It takes a village,” but holy crap do I think that’s profoundly relatable to me. It absolutely takes a village. To my village that stretches far and wide, I am so very appreciative of the light you shed on my life. Happy Thanksgiving!!!


xoxo what are you thankful for?



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