Blogmas Day 20: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Hi! I cannot believe we’re at Blogmas day 20! As I hinted at a few days ago, we are in Florida this week! Why? Well, the main reason we’re here is to visit with my in-laws for the holidays. Kyle’s mom is great, and her gift to us this year was a day at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! And yeah, it lives up to the magic of its name. So, feast your eyes on a picture diary of sorts! Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to Vlogmas!

We started off at Hogwarts, because, duh.


The ride through the castle was incredible and also like… made me very nauseous.

We immediately took the Hogwart’s Express from Hogsmeade to King’s Cross station to see the truly majestic, Diagon Alley (my favorite park).

On deck, was the Escape from Gringotts. We actually did this ride twice, and it is spectacular.


Next, we went to Ollivanders, and I wish I had more pictures, but I was busy having notably, the most magical part of my day.

We waited in the foyer of the wand shop with an ‘apprentice’ who told us about all the good eats and drinks in Diagon Alley. There were about 20 of us. After waiting a while, we were escorted into the shop by Ollivander’s assistant. A girl decked out in Slytherin garb was chosen by Ollivander to do several spells with several wands and eventually, her wand chose her. Ollivander wished us all a “Happy Christmas,” and asked us to follow his assistant and exit to the right, “Except for you, Ravenclaw. You stay here.” Who Ravenclaw? Me, Ravenclaw? Yes, me. And holy moly was that magnificent. The three of us received wands hand picked by Ollivander himself. Mine is of vine, rare, and carried by few; Hermione is one.


The rest of the daylight hours are a blur of food, butterbeer, and a crowd that seemed to be growing by the hundreds as the day wore on.

I’m really keen on this guy:

But he might actually be scary.


We took the Express back and fourth a few times, just so we could get both very different journeys, and so we could be sure to not miss any sites and sounds.


We closed out the night with the holiday lights show at Hogwarts, and I just don’t have words for how beautiful it was. I’ll post a video over on Instagram, @laughingatleighann.

This was a super awesome day! Shout out to this guy (and his mom) for putting up with me all day while I was pretty under the weather!


Have you ever been to HP world? What were your favorite parts?

xoxo laughingatLunaLovegood



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