Winter Blues, Volume 3

There. Is. No. Cure. Every year, under the falsely optimistic pretenses that something will be different, I become fully enveloped by the winter blues.

In the couple of weeks leading up to the ever-important January 1st, while everything is still all sparkly and filled with the magic that is Christmas, I set all these goals and make all these plans for myself, only to become one with my mattress by mid January. Year after year. It never changes. As least I can count on it, I guess?

Last year, I made a list of all my winter blues enemies. They are very much the same this year. My alarm goes off and I lack the motivation to go to work. The clock strikes 5:30 at work and I dread putting on my coat and boots and driving home. 11pm rolls around and I don’t even have the will to wash my face and brush my teeth before it all starts over again. So, so, so dramatic. 

But really, I (comically, let’s be real) do feel this way, and these hum glum feelings have absolutely been aided by the twenty-some consecutive days of mostly single digit temperatures.


Anyway, all that said, I don’t really have any suggestions for a cure this time around. I ordered some new exercise DVDs, and am considering a resolution revamp, but until I get all that worked out and have something positive to tell you, here’s some weird and funny stuff I’ve done so far in January:

  1. Watched all the Harry Potter movies and concluded about half an hour into the third movie that I had never seen any of these films consecutively in a reasonable timeframe, and therefore never had any idea how freaking phenomenal they are. Or what the hell was going on, for that matter.
  2. Promptly began rereading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, since I only read the first three books ever, and that was over a decade ago. Finishing all of the HP books is a new 2018 resolution.
  3. Took a day off of work to skip out on the office holiday party (because hi, I have social anxiety and um, no I can’t do this) and watched Simply Complicated, the Demi Lovato documentary. I highly recommend if you need an extra surge of that girl power feeling.
  4. Also watched (help!!! I have a problem) the new Netflix original series, The End of the F***ing World after it was suggested by friends. It was dark and twisted and I think has honestly emotionally scarred me, but it was really good.
  5. Nearly burnt my home down trying to tackle a Blue Apron meal by myself. Stay tuned for an anti-Buzzfeed article about how Blue Apron has absolutely not changed my life.
  6. Actually put effort into giving up dairy.
  7. Busted out the pencils and erasers and markers and drew something that I don’t hate for the first time in a couple of years.
  8. Got rid of a ton of clothes and shoes and rewarded myself with a teensy  little dresser from Ikea so I can quit hiding my (much needed) winter sweaters all around the house.

So yeah, dude. January, though I was hopeful at first, has been kind of a bust, per the usual. I know I typically wrap this stuff up with a half-rhetorical question about what you’ve been up to and what your favorites are. BUT REALLY, what have you been up to? What keeps you motivated in the winter months? What have you filled your time with while enduring this cold weather? SOS.

Photos by @kenny_107 on instagram.

xoxo lounging at Leigh Ann



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2 responses to “Winter Blues, Volume 3”

  1. Crystal Myers Avatar

    Keeping busy by trying to be creative when I can. i’ve also purchased those super bright light bulbs that look like outdoor light, and I will put those on for the first few hours I’m home from work, so I feel like I’m getting some daytime.


  2. Resolutions, Revamped Avatar

    […] friends, long time, no blog. When I sat down and wrote the annual Winter Blues post, feeling my usual January self, I decided that maybe I should do something about it. Looking […]


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