April Favorites

Hey all! I apologize for how long it’s been! I’m working on a post with all the updates about where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to, but in the meantime I wanted to leave you with some April favorites. March and April were total whirlwinds of birthdays, house guests, flu round two, and a million other things. 

First and foremost, can I just favorite this weather?! Truly, even last Saturday I wore my winter parka to dinner. It looks like spring has finally shaped up and made its way to Ohio, after literally seven long months of cold weather. I hope that wherever you are, the sun has officially made an appearance. 

Okay, let’s hop right in!

Single State of Mind by Andi Dorfman- I decided to take a break from Harry Potter to dive into a little book that I’ve been dying to read. I loved Andi’s first book, It’s Not Okay, and it’s follow up did not disappoint. This book truly is about Andi’s single lifestyle in her new home, New York City. While I can’t specifically relate, as a non-single person who doesn’t love NYC, I just really enjoy her writing style, and how candidly she shares her life and relationships. She’s one of my favorite Bachelorettes, and it’s nice to get some updates on her, since she’s one of the few Bachelor alumni not sharing her every move on Instagram. So yeah, while we don’t have similar lifestyles, I can really appreciate her openness about not having it all together, because… who does? 

Crunchy Peanut Butter Clif bars- Guess what, guys? I’m now dairy free! I say that with forced enthusiasm because it has been a pretty real struggle. That’s all in a post coming up, but I was thrilled to find that my long time favorite Clif flavor is actually vegan! (By my standards anyway, and confirmed when I reached out to customer service!) I’ve been using these as breakfast on the go, or just a snack mid-morning when my energy starts to slump at work. They’re tasty, filling, and don’t feel heavy on the stomach. 

21 Day Fix– I can’t remember if I’ve put this in a favorites previously, but I wanted to mention it (maybe again) because I’ve rekindled my love for the program. I genuinely thought winter was never going to end. Kyle and I were weight lifting a couple days a week after work, but most days, he goes to the gym with a friend and I’m kind of clueless without him. Enter Autumn Calabrese, and awesome 30 minute at home workouts that kick my butt and don’t require a ton of equipment. I’ve never successfully finished the 21 day program, but I like to do my favorites, like Pilates Fix and Dirty 30 a couple times a week. **Pro tip: You don’t have to purchase through a coach and you don’t have to buy the meal prep supplies and/or shakes. I’ve used all of those things and I definitely think they’re quality products, they’re just not for me! You can order DVDs straight from the BeachBody website and bypass a coach and accountability group if that’s not your style! 

Abercrombie jean leggings- Guys, when it comes to A&F, I’m a bit of a lifer. I loved the clothes when I was in middle and high school, then I worked in stores for the company for eight years. I stand behind the quality, and when good sales are happening, I stand behind the price point, too! I was really excited to grab a couple of pairs when Abercrombie relaunched their denim in new quality, with no embroidery on the pockets (big girl pants, as I call them). I got my regular size and was bummed that they seemed to stretch out throughout the day. It occurred to me a few weekends ago, when all denim was $39, that maybe I had just gotten the wrong size.I hopped into A&F, purchased a size down, and now there’s no turning back! They often run the $39 promo, and that’s a great deal for jeans that will literally last for years.

Bible app for iPhone- I’m pretty much constantly either doing a guided reading plan through a study Bible, or some type of devotional. A few years ago, I set out to read my study Bible from cover to cover, and decided right off the bat the the best way to accomplish that would be to read every single night. I did that without fail for almost two years, and the Bible app became a huge part of maintaining that when I was traveling, staying at a friend’s house, etc. I’ve since discovered devotional plans on the app that are really awesome! You can search through dozens of topics like love, marriage, fear, faith, anxiety, and find hundreds of reading plans. These can range anywhere from 3 days to a year, and the app will track your daily progress. I’m currently loving a plan called Pray Like Jesus by Pastor Mark Driscoll. 

**This Magic Moment** Last weekend I got to reunite with two old friends! I love the type of friendships that pick up right where they left off. We spent Sunday at the zoo and I had an excellent time reminiscing and catching up on life! 

xoxo Cheeseless State of Mind 😦 



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