May Favorites

Another month, another round of favorites coming your way. May was so nice! We finally got consistent doses of sunshine and warm weather, and I got to celebrate love and see a bunch of my friends! I’m ready for all June has to offer, but mostly, all those daylight hours! 

May had a ton of favorites, and they were hard to narrow down! Faves also included a bunch of goodies from Glossier; you can checkout my review here. Let’s get into the rest! 

Love Beauty and Planet  I’ve talked a lot a finding vegan and cruelty-free replacements for a lot of my beauty products, but hair care has been a major pain point. Enter Love Beauty and Planet. As a brand, I just really love what they’re doing! I purchased the shea butter & sandalwood shampoo, and coconut water & mimosa flower conditioner (simply because Meijer didn’t have a matching pair of anything I was interested in). First things first, they both smell great, and they do what they should! The shampoo gets soapy and the conditioner makes my hair soft, a feat that no vegan hair products have accomplished so far for me. Personally, I think my next purchase will be the shea butter & sandalwood conditioner, because my dry locks need it, but there’s something for everyone! 


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Lara Bars– I’ve been hitting the dairy-free life strictly, so I picked up some of these a few weeks ago. There’s no turning back! They taste phenomenal and I love that they take the guesswork out of dairy free. All of the flavors have single digit rosters of ingredients, and are made in dairy and gluten free facilities. You would not believe that something so healthy tastes so great. 


Unqualified by Anna Faris– I think I may have mentioned the Unqualified podcast with Anna Faris and Sim Sarna in a favorites  before, (if I didn’t, listen, you will not regret it) but when the book came out, I knew it would be a must read. I’ve been a fan of Anna for a super long time (when I was 15, someone I looked up to said I very much shared humor and looks with her and I am flattered to this day). From all of her wacky movies, most notably Waiting, to her incredibly funny endeavors in Mom, there’s nothing she can’t do! This book humorously and endearingly details Anna’s life and how she navigates relationships, and I find it both relatable and lovable. Pick this up if you need a feel good read this summer! 


Arrested Development– When I heard that season four of this beloved show was going to be remixed (?) and that a season 5 would release to Netflix on May 29th, I figured it was time to rewatch from the beginning for the billionth time. This show is definitely not for everyone. It’s dry, but hysterical, and if you’re invested in any of the actors I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as I do. It truly makes me cry with laughter and I’m looking forward to getting all caught up and seeing what shenanigans the Bluths get into in season 5. 

Vans Ultrarange– We recently got a Vans store in one of our local malls and I have been contemplating a purchase from the Ultrarange ever since. I finally took the plunge a couple months ago, and after waiting out winter and rain and finally getting to test drive these guys, I can confidently say they’re worth every penny. Vans are my go to shoe of choice regardless, but I highly (and weirdly) value a light shoe, and these are like feathers. They come in a range of colors, but I went with black and white for practicality purposes… even  though I really wanted those pink on pink! 

**This Magic Moment** In mid-May, I got to take part in an Indian wedding for one of my longtime very best friends! It was a huge and colorful and beautiful gathering of friends and family. I learned about so many traditions and got to reunite with my best friends for a weekend! It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget! I also got to watch The Bachelorette premier with Crystal, which still has my heart feeling full a week later. 

So, big ups to May for finally warming up my heart and soul. What were you loving last month? 

xoxo there’s always money in the banana stand! 



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