Sweet Summertime Beauty

Happy summertime, people! It’s finally here! I don’t know about you, but if you’re like me at all, your entire beauty routine changes during the summer. Whether it’s swapping out foundation for tinted moisturizer, or tossing your straightener to rock your natural waves, summer has a whole different set of beauty standards. I wanted to share some of my summertime beauty favorites with you today! 


I’m (unfortunately) at a place with my skin where I don’t feel comfortable wearing zero makeup, but I do like my summer look to be lighter, dewier, and more natural. 

  • SPF is so important year-round. During the winter, I count on my Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer to do the heavy lifting SPF wise. In warmer months, aided by humidity, my skin kind of pulls itself together, and I cherish the few months out of the year that I can trade in my heavy facial moisturizers for gel ones. When that happens, I count on my foundation for that sun protection! My very favorite medium to full coverage summer foundation is Clinique Even Better Glow. Not only does it help to safeguard me from the sun’s harmful rays, it helps me achieve that dewy summer look that I’m after. 
  • Bronzer I am fair 365 days of the year, (thank you, previously mentioned SPF) and for the most part, that doesn’t bother me. However, I do get a little bit of tan envy in the summer months and the best way for me to combat that is to step up my bronzing game. I absolutely love the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer, but if I’m looking for a deeper tan, I always turn to Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. My favorite part? It’s matte, so I’m not adding any additional sparkle to my glowy foundation look. 
  • Blush As an avid fan of beauty gurus, I sometimes wonder if I’m the only person out there still loving blush. I think blush is the final and necessary touch to making me look alive. During the summer, I prefer sheer washes of color, and my favorite blush for that is Benefit’s Galifornia. I also love that this comes with a brush for on-the-go!



Throughout winter, I’m all about bakery and pastry scents. My go to fragrances usually involve vanilla, pumpkin, and chocolate undertones. However, during the summer, I like to trade in my heavy body lotions and dessert scents for lighter, fruity sprays and moisturizers. 

  • Lotion Friends, don’t be fooled. Just because your skin doesn’t feel as dry as it did all winter, doesn’t mean you’re exempt from using moisturizer. My favorite is The Body Shop Banana Body Yogurt. Each summer, The Body Shop brings out a few limited edition body yogurts that are gel-like in nature, and soak into your skin immediately. They provide moisture without feeling sticky or heavy! 
  • Body Spray I like to ditch my perfumes for the summer and replace them with body sprays. Typically body sprays don’t linger as long as perfumes, which is great for reapplication during the summer months, when a quick walk to get the mail might have you sweating. I’m a sucker for beach scents from Bath and Body Works, and my favorite this year is At The Beach fine fragrance mist. 



My hair experiences the most change throughout the summer months. All winter, it’s limp, dry, and flat. The summer humidity gives my hair body, wave, shine, and frizz, which I actually love, weird, right? I take every opportunity I can in the warmth to let my hair air dry and get it nice and blonde for the inevitable winter ahead. 

  • Lightening Sprays If you’re not naturally blonde, you may want to skip over this part. If you are blonde, hi, I have holy grails for you! I have some very real anxiety when it comes to dying my hair, but back in college I stumbled upon a product that can keep my locks bright and golden year round: John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray. I use this spray in tandem with my hairdryer and straightener once a week when I want to lighten up a bit. Another lightening spray that I’m obsessed with is Sun Bum Hair Lightener. This one is sun activated, so the easiest way to use it is to apply liberally to wet hair and then spend some time out in the sun! 


  • Beach/Salt Sprays As I mentioned before, my hair has a lot more texture when the weather is humid. I like to take full advantage of this, and the best way to bring out my waves is a beach spray. If you live near the beach, simply put ocean water in a spray bottle and spritz liberally onto damp hair. If not, go for something like Kenneth’s Curly Girly Making Waves Beach Spray. I find it works best for me if I spray it into clean, damp hair and then sleep on it. 


Those are a few of my summertimes favorites. What products can’t you live without during these warm months? I’m always looking forward to trying new beauty products! 

xoxo mermaid vibes 






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