Autumn Bucket List

Summer. Is. Over. And pardon me to all the eye rollers out there, but loving fall is not a new thing. I’ve always only liked summer slightly more than winter, which I hate. Summer is just way too hot. I can recall going to Warped Tour (rip) with friends one summer when I was about 15, and going to sleep at our hotel after a long day out in the heat thinking I really might not wake up. I don’t mix well with hot weather, or cold weather for that matter; just give me all the brisk moderate climate and I’ll be perpetually happy. 

Anyway, rant aside, we’re a couple weeks into autumn, (the weather was even playing along until today!) and unlike really any other season, this is one that motivates me to set goals and not miss out on any of the #fallingforfall fun! I wanted to share with you my autumn bucket list, and I’d love to know yours too! 


  1. Watch all the Halloween movies. I’m quite the holiday movie collector, and I’d say Halloween themed even rivals my Christmas collection. To accomplish this, I have to start early… like tomorrow. A couple I can’t live without? Hocus Pocus (don’t @ me!) and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. 
  2. Find the perfect mums. My parents have aways gotten mums every year, and the tradition is alive and well with me. I associate mums with the start of school and football, and they just give me that nostalgic fall feeling. This year, I’m after some maroon ones!                            IMG_7893
  3. Bridge Day. I’ve talked about Bridge Day a little in a previous blog, but if you can make it out to Fayetteville, WV for Bridge Day at some point in your life, I highly recommend. It’s the best excuse for me to head home during the most beautiful time of the year and be a spectator to thrill seekers from all over the world, literally. Check out this link for more info, since I know I’ve enticed you! IMG_5356
  4. Pumpkin everything, and proud! I want to pick, carve, eat, drink, smell, bake, paint, and whatever else, pumpkins. They are 100% my aesthetic… (related: forever bummed we don’t have detail pictures of our wedding). To really drive the point home, if I were cinderella, just leave my carriage to the ball lookin’ like a pumpkin. Also, if you’re in WV, The Pumpkin House is a must see! IMG_1912
  5. Put way too much effort into a costume I will not likely have anyplace to wear, haha. Last year, my husband and I were Bughead, and fortunately, my friends and I had quite the super fun Halloweekend to go and show off our costumes! 
  6. Hand out the best Halloween candy possible! I have always loved trick or treating, and frankly, partook until I was way too old. Now, I really look forward to seeing all the awesome costumes and having the best candy in the neighborhood.
  7. Finally, I’m on a mission to execute vegan Oreo truffles as a Thanksgiving treat (I forced myself to add this holiday to my fall wishes, though, I typically associate fall with Halloween and Thanksgiving with Christmas). As I’ve talked about, I’ve been dairy-free since April, and the closest I’ve been to truly accidentally consuming dairy has been while making this all-time favorite snack. If you have any tips, let a girl know! 

What’s on your fall bucket list? Don’t leave me out, I’d love to know! 

ALSO! Exciting news! I’m teaming up with my friend Crystal for a joint 13 days of Blog/Vlogtober, and we’re going to do a cute giveaway for all you Halloween lovers out there, so be on the lookout for that! And if you just can’t wait to see more of the two of us/are having #bachelornation or Crystal withdrawals, head on over to her youtube channel to catch up on her life and watch our recaps! 

xoxo #fallingforfall #sweaterweather #basic(iguess)andproud 



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3 responses to “Autumn Bucket List”

  1. Olivia Morris Avatar
    Olivia Morris

    ❤ ❤ This is all so you! I mean, I know you're the blogger and everything, so.. duh it's "you".. but reading it brings back memories that are very vividly you and make me nostalgic for high school and college. #6 is my favorite!!! 😀 I haven't had the chance to pass out halloween candy, and shamefully, I kind of still think of myself as the kid who is trick or treating, but I love the thought of giving out the best candy in the neighborhood and bringing kids the joy I had! I'm living in a full-fledged house in a neighborhood this year, so thanks for the inspo 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      Hi, I love you! Halloween time always felt like our time, if that makes sense. And I really hope you have a ton of trick or treaters 🎃😍


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    […] you have a chance to read my Autumn Bucket List? If so, you’ll know that I really wanted to make dairy free Oreo truffles for the fall […]


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