I’m kind of a negative person. Everyone who knows me personally reading this said in unison, “Ya think?” 

Thanksgiving has never been crazy exciting for me, a tiny blip on the yearly map between my two favorite holidays. The food is weird, ya know? 

But, much like so many things in life, I’ve grown to appreciate this holiday more, year after year. It’s really nice to take a day or two to pause and really, truly count my blessings. 

I got this text message this morning: 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, friend! Thankful for your friendship! 

It hit me like a ton of bricks marshmallows (on yams), meaning it made me feel light and happy. 

That’s what this is all about. So yeah, I’m incredibly thankful for family, friends, my sweet husband and Chuck, this little corner of the internet (and all its growth this year!), the awesome and untraditional food we’re about to eat, and a ton of special things in between. 

So maybe it’s Thanksgiving for you, maybe it’s just Thursday, but thanks for reading along. I’m thankful for you! 

xoxo turkey no mo 

P.S. Look out for Blogmas! 😉

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