Blogmas Day 9: Unique Gifts

I think the most fun part of Christmas is finding gifts for friends and family that I know they’ll really love! And while the giftees on my list have made my life very easy, (they love gift cards and art and clothes, oh my!) I get so excited when I find something unique and special to give them. I wanted to share with you some trusted gifting go-to’s, as well as some really interesting gifts I’ve stumbled upon via the internet this year. 

First things first, Bear Wood Company is an awesome shop in my hometown that hand makes wooden gifts suited for literally anyone on your list. From beer flights to wall-hangings to Christmas ornaments, you can choose from Bear Wood’s completed selection, or ask them to make you something a little more custom. Every piece is made with a little bit of WV history. I own and have gifted so many things from them, and I cannot praise them enough. If you’re in the Hurricane, West Virginia area, I highly recommend that you make a stop at their shop, and you’ll leave feeling like you’ve made new friends. My favorite product they offer? Large rustic wooden state wall-hangings, to remind you, or anyone you love of home, wherever that may be. 


I stumbled upon BOSEbuild the other day, which would be an excellent gift for any music lover in your life. Basically, the BOSE brand that you love and trust has created kits for build-your-own bluetooth speakers and headphones. I thought this was a super cool gift idea, and I know a couple people in my life would really enjoy such a unique present.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 5.46.29 PM

Are you guys tired of hearing me talk about Celebs on Sandwiches? Well, #sorrynotsorry, I think these prints are the most fun giftables ever, and I’m not changing my mind. Right now, the entire site is 30% off, and there are so many celebs to choose from. This is such a comical gift for literally anyone on your list, from your boss to… yourself! 

Raise your hand if you’re obsessed with your pet. *insert raised hand emoji here* I can’t be the only person who goes to work and wonders all day if their pet is drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and let’s face it, behaving. Last year, my dad got me this awesome indoor, wifi Minion cam, and we’ve since gifted it to friends and family. It’s a hilarious little camera with surprisingly good quality, and it syncs up to an app so you can get daily footage of your little critter doing whatever it is they do while you’re out of the house. Added bonus? You can talk through this camera as yourself, orrrr as a Minion (personally preferred use). Oh, and it’s also home surveillance, if you’re into that kind of thing. 


Is it just me, or is everyone into a good graphic tee? I know it’s not just me, because every time I wear Kinship Goods out and about, I get hella compliments. Kinship is another home state company that makes awesome one-of-a-kind t-shirts and sweatshirts (and so much more!). Not from West Virginia? Doesn’t matter, there’s still so much to love. I’ve got the Find Your People tee on my Christmas wish list! Have a browse around their website! 

Finally, so many of the best gifts are homemade with love. The possibilities are endless when your own creativity takes the driver’s seat. Some of my favorite homemade gifts that come to mind? A t-shirt quilt, art, handmade tees and mugs; the list goes on and on. 

You know who’s great at homemade gifts? @shutupcrystal is! And watching Vlogmas has been a daily gift to me, so don’t miss out!

What’s your most special gift to give this year? 

xoxo they call me Buddy 



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