Blogmas Day 10: A(nother) Grown Up Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I know I wrote last year, but I figured, why not make a yearly tradition of it? How have things been? How are the elves doing? I’ve been good this year, aside from a few harmless white lies and the usual curse word here and there (and everywhere). Oops! 


I never got an email response about the political state of things, so I DM’d you, excited to hear back! 

Okay, okay, where to start? 

  1. Would you mind if I turned 29 again this year? I’m just not quite ready to face 30, you know, kid at heart and all. 
  2. I read an article that said the Hallmark Channel made 22 new Christmas movies for 2018. Could you snag me an audition for next year?
  3. I’m pretty sure The Bold Type isn’t scheduled to grace my television again until April, but I think  if there’s anyone who can speed that up, it’s you, big guy! Also though, more Queer Eye.
  4. Dairy-free pizza that isn’t gross, and preferably from a chain that delivers, please and thank you! 
  5. You know how in The Santa Clause, when you go down the chimney, it expands? Can you make that happen when I enter my closet? 
  6. A Christmas Album from Charlie Puth, puhpuhpuhplease. 
  7. I don’t want this, but in the spirit of giving, Kyle really wants a puppy brother for Chuck. And, in the spirit of receiving, if Chuck gets a puppy brother, could you possibly sway her alliances to my side of the bed? Cool. 
  8. A personal stylist. Some mix of Betty and Veronica would be nice. 
  9. Either a white Christmas, or a tropical one. Your call! 
  10. Again, and specifically, Santa, can you make sure to keep this magic alive and well with me: 


Go get ‘em on your big night. Give the missus a kiss on each cheek from me! Don’t eat the yellow snow!

Best Holiday Wishes, 

xoxo Laughing at Sleigh Ann 



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