Blogmas Day 25: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, guys!

I don’t have much to say today, other than it’s been an excellent day, and I’m feeling blessed beyond measure.

I appreciate you guys so much for hanging out and, guess what, guess what?! Getting my blog to over 1,000 views in the month of December, my most successful December and Blogmas by a long shot. Thanks for sticking around, truly, it means a lot!

I’m going to take the week off, and get back to you in 2019 with a bunch of exciting things. In the meantime, as you’re winding down on this beautiful Christmas day, I’m going to follow suit with my friend Josh, and warmly suggest that you support my incredibly talented friends in their creative endeavors:

@shutupcrystal and her hilarious Youtube channel

@astorytoldband and their awesome tunes (cc: Josh, Alex, Jason, Zach)

@baesics_and_beyond on instagram for a cutie with enviable style

@modernbritches and her cute blog

@townhomediaries for the fairytale home of your dreams

@cropduster247 and Vincible the Documentary 

@annabethphotography for gorgeous photos 

@racheltalkswrestling for an incredibly thoughtful blog on pro wrestling

From mine to yours, Merry Christmas!


xoxo and to all a good night!




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