Our New Bachelorette

Disclaimer: Stick with me till the end, because I’m going to share five reasons that we should all be excited that (SPOILER, if you’re behind) Alabama Hannah is our next bachelorette.

Guys, I cringe a little when I do The Bachelor related posts because in Crystal’s Youtube recaps, you can totally tell that our intent is mostly comedy, and we love the franchise for the same reasons that everyone else does:

  1. It’s so crazy it’s entertaining.
  2. It’s pretty lighthearted, but somehow ends in true love (sometimes).
  3. Chris Harrison.
  4. It’s a fun something to look forward to on Mondays.

But, I say it’s cringy here because when I take the time to sit down and lay out my thoughts, spell/grammar check, and then share them with the internet, it takes on a much drier and more serious tone than I want it to.

That’s a really lengthy way for me to stress that, I love all things The Bachelor, but like, I’m keeping it really light.

That being said, @shutupcrystal and I just rounded out our third entire season of recaps, and due to all things social media kind of shitting the bed this week, I don’t think we’re getting the cred that we deserve on some of our best work yet: our recap of Colton’s final finale (because you know, two nights). So yeah, you can watch that here:

Okay, to round this out, in case you didn’t get the vibe from the video, I am so freaking happy that Alabama Hannah is our next bachelorette. I get it, when the franchise chooses the new lead, there’s always mixed feelings. So and so deserved it more. I’d really like to see this gal from a previous season find her Prince Charming. Kristina Schulman is really  hot. Etc., etc., etc…. (idk how grammar works here). In case you were feeling wishy washy about the newest choice, I’m here to give you five reasons to be thrilled that Alabama Hannah is The Bachelorette:

Hannah B

  1. She’s southern and I freaking dig it. Her accent. Her wardrobe. Her manners. Hannah embodies southern charm, and I’m excited to inevitably get some of my native accent back while watching the season.
  2. She is super awkward and I can super relate. Can you? I feel like I’m told all the time that confidence is attractive, confidence is key, and blah blah blah. And while yeah, that’s true, what about those of us that just can’t muster it up? Are we not attractive? No, that’s not how this works. Hannah is way awkward and I foresee about 30 studs in her near future finding it impossibly endearing.
  3. She handles conflict with the perfect combination of realness and grace. Did she say some not-so-nice things about Caelynn? For sure. But when Caelynn approached her to squash the beef, she handled it with grace, still acknowledging they were a little like water and oil, and moved on without holding a grudge.
  4. She’s not afraid to let her freak flag fly. Some names I’ve heard thrown out that would’ve made better bachelorettes? Tayshia. Caelynn. Danielle Maltby. All three of those girls have stunning personalities with faces and bodies to match, but always composed, ready for ‘the one’ girls don’t necessarily make for entertaining tv. Hannah is openly silly, maybe occasionally embarrassingly vibrant. She is basically the epitome of relatable.
  5. She’s not going to take this opportunity lightly. Did you see the video of Chris telling her she was going to be The Bachelorette? Those were real tears and that was real shock and gratitude. To me, Hannah had the most memorable quote of Colton’s entire season: “I want to be with someone who makes me feel chosen everyday.” I think we’re in for a bunch of very developed relationships and difficult decisions to be made, and I can’t wait for Hannah to feel chosen everyday!

So yeah, that’s my already-suffering-from-bachelor-withdrawals take on the upcoming season! Do you love all things The Bachelor? Who was your ideal bachelorette?

xoxo Will you accept this final rose?







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