Spring Bucket List

Hey guys!

Today was a lovely reminder that warmer weather is upon us and winter is on its way out. Slowly breaking out of my winter slump, I’m feeling really excited for all spring has to offer, and like most things I look forward to, I’m bucket listing the season!

  1. Complete Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix. I’ve not only mentioned Beachbody on here before, but 21 Day Fix specifically. I’m not a coach, and I’m definitely not here to sell you anything (though it is def worth the money IMO), but I was recently inspired by two friends who finished the entire program in order, and on time. While it is my favorite program and I’ve done all the workouts, I’ve never finished it. But, I just completed day 5, and I’m hoping to finish the whole thing! Maybe twice! IMG_8363
  2. Do a spring closet clean out. A simultaneous down/upside to planning a move is that I’ve been forced to kind of evaluate my possessions. I do this often anyway, but moving all of my clothes to a new home presents me with kind of a clean slate opportunity. I’m not trying to Marie Kondo my wardrobe or anything, but I am looking forward to a clean sweep and maaaaybe some new pieces. (Hmm… should I do a spring lookbook?) IMG_6140
  3. Participate in my yearly spring 5k. Idk what it is about the springtime that gets me inspired to run, but I’ve done several 5k’s in my day, and they’ve all been in spring. I’ll unfortunately be out of town during Race for the Cure, but there are plenty of ‘races’ coming up in Columbus and coworker besties, you’re not getting out of doing one with me! IMG_9992
  4. Keep up with my current writing schedule. I’ve got a lot of fun events coming up this spring, and I’m really looking forward to writing bout them! Speaking of, is there anything specific you’d like to see on the blog as the weather warms up?

What’s on your spring bucket list?

xoxo if Peeps are in season, I’m happy

P.S. Check out my sweet friend Daily Bailey Bits! She’s writing about a bunch of awesome stuff (including skincare, which you all love), but most recently wrote about her favorite Youtubers which is a subject I am really invested in, lol. #makemeaYoutuber



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