Copycats of Best Bachelorette Looks

Prom season is upon us. Wedding season is upon us. The Bachelorette szn is upon us! As someone who does not get to dress up often, I envy all the young prom folks, rose ceremony goers, red carpet walkers, and swanky wedding guests that get to dress to the nines a couple of times a year. I am absolutely one of those people who hunts for the dress I’ll win my first Oscar in… embarrassing. I put my formalwear sleuthing skills to the test to bring you dupes for the best of the best dressed when it comes to the ladies of #bachelornation. If you’ve got a formal event coming up, I hope this helps you and that I can live vicariously through you!

P.S. All of these dupes are from Asos! They have wonderful customer service, free returns, and in addition to their main range, many of the styles are also carried in petite, tall, and curvy sizes! They have something for everyone. This post is not sponsored (but that would be cool lol), I just love Asos and they’ve successfully outfitted me for several formal events over the last few  years!

1. First up, Lauren Bushnell on night one:

Lauren Bushnell

You know what they say, “When you know, you know.” Ben knew. I knew. Heck, America knew. It wasn’t necessarily the cut or the fit, but what left the lasting impression on me was the color of this dress: powder blue. Hats off to Lauren for having the most memorable night one dress in bachelor history. Here is my favorite dupe:

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 9.19.30 AM

2. When it comes to lasting impression ladies, JoJo Fletcher takes the top spot for me. She’s hilarious and authentic, my favorite bachelorette ever, and she’s got killer taste in fashion. One of my favorite JoJo looks is this blue sequin number:

Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 11.10.35 AM

Why do I love it so much? Because it’s a classic silhouette with a super fun sequin twist, and she’s wearing no jewelry, keeping this bright and edgy look from being over the top. This is my favorite dupe:

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 9.35.28 AM

3. Best of heartbreak looks goes to Becca Tilley, who was actually doing the heartbreaking during the final rose ceremony with farmer Chris. In a long sleeve burgundy dress, she looked like an autumn princess:

Becca Tilley

What’s so great about this dress? Velvet. Here’s a beautiful dupe:

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 9.32.45 AM

4. My fourth place spot is two fold. When I think of Becca Kufrin and Lauren Burnham, in addition to both being final picks for Arie *rolls eyes*, they also share a similar (and somehow distinct) style. Similarities? Sequins. Unique to each? Becca has a more edgy style while Lauren keeps it pretty classic. I like both! My favorite look of Becca’s is this full platinum sequin look from her promo photos:

Becca K

Here’s my favorite edgy sequin dupe:

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 9.42.06 AM

Lauren kept it classic and elegant on her first night in a sequin number with an ornate pattern:

ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 22

Here’s my favorite Lauren B. look:

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 9.38.02 AM

5. I’m saving the best for last with our new bachelorette, Alabama Hannah Brown. Hannah is the total package, and before I fell in love with her on the last season of The Bachelor, I fell in love with her wardrobe. I vote Hannah best dressed in a long line of tastefully dressed bachelor beauties. Why? Well, personality wise, Hannah is relatable AF. She’s quirky and awkward, constantly second guessing herself, but also full of a comical grace, if that is a thing. However, when it comes to wardrobe, Hannah is full confidence. You can totally tell that she chose pieces that she loved and that made her feel and look great, and she didn’t care at all what anyone else thought. This totally worked for her. Among my favorite looks? The pink dress she wore while ultimately slating her fate as our next bachelorette:

hannah b pinkk dress

Her Rachel Zoe dress cost about a gazillion dollars, and really there’s nothing quite like it, but here’s my favorite look-alike vibe:

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 9.42.59 AM

So, whether you’re off to prom, a fancy wedding, or perhaps just plotting out your The Bachelor wardrobe as a happily married woman  like me (lol, send help), there’s so much great inspiration from the ladies of #bachelornation. Are you guys as excited as I am about Alabama Hannah finding love?!

xoxo fancy with leigh ann


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