13 Days of BlogOweeen Day 2: Fall Fun in WV

In today’s episode of 13 days of Halloween, I’m talking some fun fall activities in my original neck of the woods! As you know, I’m a born and raised West Virginian, transplanted to Columbus, so I’m talking all the good fall stuff in WV today!

First up, an absolute must, the Ceredo Kenova Pumpkin House! If you’re from WV and the surrounding area, you’ve definitely heard of the Pumpkin House. If not, there’s no need for me to paint a portrait; it is literally a house covered in pumpkins. The homeowners, and people from all over the community will carve hundreds (thousands even??) of pumpkins of varying themes and display them all around a giant, beautiful, and frankly spooky Victorian home for two nights only this October 25-26.


Next up, an autumn activity I’ve unfortunately never been able to experience, the Cass Scenic Railroad. Many of my friends have sung the praises of the Cass Scenic Railroad, and seeing as I am no stranger to the unmatched beauty of West Virginia in the fall, I don’t need to experience this to believe it, though I’d like to! Schedule your locomotive trip through the beautiful autumn colors of Pocahontas county this fall season!

Cass Scenic Railroad.jpg

For those with spookier tastes… the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum offers a variety of ghost tours, including overnight ghost hunts, yikes! I’ve only been to the asylum during the daylight hours, and it’s still unnerving as hell. So yeah, grab your ghostbusting pals and see what darkness awaits you.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia

Ultimately, West Virginia is teeming with fall beauty, and you might get your autumn fix just by bopping around downtown Charleston, Huntington, and most definitely Fayetteville! Speaking of, Bridge Day just barely misses the 13 days of Halloween threshold, but if I can entice you with some WV gorgeousness, here’s what I was up to yesterday:

See you tomorrow for some autumnal Columbus fun!

xoxo Autumn with Leigh Ann




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2 responses to “13 Days of BlogOweeen Day 2: Fall Fun in WV”

  1. don't give a jam Avatar

    the pumpkin house looks so festive, how cool! i’ll definitely be doing one of those ghost tours if i ever get the chance 👻


    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      You are stronger willed than me haha, too scary! But I’m sure so much fun 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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