BlogOween Day 10: Fall Look Book

I am the least fashionable person I know. My catch phrase among friends is lovingly, “Life is not a fashion show.” Contrary to popular belief though, I do care about fashion, there are just a few things that get in the way: running late, self consciousness, sweatpants, etc. All those priorities aside, I do feel like I hit my best dressed (for me) stride in autumn each year. It’s short lived, but hey, so is autumn.

I wanted to share with you a few trends I’m liking this fall. Big ups to Kyle for taking all these pictures on a lazy Sunday; you da real MVP.

First up, midi skirts. I’m not going to lie, I’m really loving all the leopard print skirts but haven’t found quite the right one yet. I did fall in love with this striped midi from American Eagle, due in large part to the mustard stripes. As luck would have it, it’s clearance now! I paired it with an oldie but goodie sweatshirt from Express, but keeping with our Halloween theme, I think this dancing skeleton tee makes a nice replacement.

The next trend I’m very basically and predictably loving is chunky sweaters. Here’s the thing, I’m thankful to every single person that makes oversized work, because I live for oversized. It’s thought free. It’s not worrying about the way your butt looks. It’s glorious. This beyond comfy sweater is also from American Eagle and comes in a bunch of other colors including solids! It’s not on sale right now, but has been off and on for a few weeks, so keep an eye out for that!

Finally, give me all the sherpa. Sherpa is tricky though. It’s not exactly flattering, but I’m not sure that flattering is the point. I think comfort is the point. And cozy. I’ve had my eye on this dark tan sherpa from Express for weeks and finally snagged one in my size. It is so freaking soft and super warm. I paired it with a Shawn Mendes tour tee (because #bae), black skinnies, and my favorite mules from DSW that are dressy and comfortable, an unlikely pair.

What trends are you loving for this cooler weather?

xoxo leigh ann, but make it fashion



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