Blogmas Day 3: Unique Gifts for Everyone on Your List

There’s always the person. You know who I’m talking about. The person who says, “Oh, don’t get me anything for Christmas!” The person you most want to impress and know least how to buy for. Well, you’re in luck, because today, we’re talking unique gifts for everyone!

Custom Pet Pillow by Firebolt Creations – My brother in law got married last spring and as a funny surprise for him, my new sister in law had a custom pillow made from a photo of their cat, Snow. The pillow was a huge hit, and bride and groom were both so happy to feel like Snow was a part of their big day. I think these are hilarious! The process is easy and straightforward, and prices start as low as $39.95. Order by December 8th for Christmas delivery in the U.S.

Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 6.42.06 PM

Celebs on Sandwiches – I shout these guys out every time I talk about unique gifting, and for good reason: they’re just too funny! If you’re not clear, it’s exactly what you think, a piece of art that features a celebrity sitting on a sandwich. I gift these yearly, have many of my own, and recently became the proud owner of a collage piece. There’s a favorite celebrity for anyone on your gift list!

Bear Wood Company – Hailing from my beautiful home state of West Virginia (actually they’re in my little hometown of Hurricane, even!), Bear Wood Company hand makes truly-one-of-a-kind state shaped gifts (and non state shaped furniture, haha) from reclaimed wood. Each piece is beautiful and unique! You can choose any state you please as a flight, a wall hanging, or even a tree ornament. This is the perfect gift for anyone on your list who happens to be homesick or has a lot of state pride. Plus, everyone working in the shop is next level friendly, if you have a chance to stop by in person!

Paint your pet by number with Mii Creative – An ad popped up on my Instagram for this company that will take a picture of your pet, print it on a canvas paint by number style, and mail all of this back to you with all the paints you’ll need to create a portrait of your pet! Though there are only a handful of reviews, they are all five star. At just $37.99, I think this is a fun little gift even if it were to end up a total fail. Who wouldn’t love to see a painted version of their favorite furry family member?

Paint by Number

Personalized jewelry and accessories from BaubleBar – Custom jewelry is all the rage, and is so timeless. Carrie Bradshaw did it in the 90s, Karen Smith did it in the 2000s, and now every blogger you’ve ever loved is doing it as well. BaubleBar has great prices on custom necklaces, bracelets, and hair clips, but don’t be afraid to shop Etsy if you’re looking for something a little daintier!

Kin Ship Goods – I saved the best for last in Kin Ship Goods. Kin Ship is a tee shirt and gifting company located in Charleston, WV. They boast high quality, super soft tees featuring not only fun West Virginia colloquialisms, but tees that speak to anyone, like Find Your People and Hermit. Graphic tee lovers, unite!

What are your favorite unique gift finds?

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3 responses to “Blogmas Day 3: Unique Gifts for Everyone on Your List”

  1. Jeffery Lilly Avatar
    Jeffery Lilly

    I’m that person, aren’t I?


    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      “I want old toys from my childhood that are expensive on eBay” lol


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