Blogmas Day 11: Best Christmas Episodes of TV

You know, winter is cold, so I can’t even pretend to feel bad about how much sitting in front of the tv I do. I’ve reviewed all the Netflix movies, I’ll share my favorite classics later, but let’s not leave out television! So many shows have delivered perfect Christmas episodes, and these are my favorites…

  1. New Girl Season 2, Episode 11, “Santa” – New Girl does Christmas so right. I love every holiday episode with the loft clowns, but this one takes the cake for a million reasons, not the least of which is that Winston can’t hear for half the episode because he has a cranberry stuck in his ear. True love prevails when Dr. Sam finally wins Jess back. We learn the meaning of the Irish Goodbye. And finally, we find out that Santa is real and granting Christmas miracles to all, young and old. It’s such a feel good episode of tv! Available to stream on Netflix.Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 7.43.36 PM
  2. The Mindy Project Season 2, Episode 11, “Christmas Party Sex Trap” – Like all things The Mindy Project, this Christmas episode makes me laugh from start to finish and features one of my favorite lines from the whole series, “The Massachusetts public school system has really let you down.” You’ll just have to watch to see; the comedic timing is perfect. Anyway, Mindy is trying to corner Cliff into dating her. Jeremy is on a diet that leads to the demise of Danny’s masterpiece gingerbread house. Peter is trying to stay sober and awkwardly tries to date Maria Menounos as Maria Menounos. So freaking funny. Available to stream on Hulu.Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 7.44.30 PM
  3. Friends Season 7, Episode 10, “The One with the Holiday Armadillo” – I consider this the best Christmas episode of Friends because it makes me cry laugh and is sweet all the same. Ross is trying to teach Ben about Hanukkah and is having a difficult time because Ben is so excited about Santa Claus and presents. Ross takes to the costume store, but his master plan is foiled when he can only find one costume and shows up at Monica’s to teach Ben about Hanukkah as The Holiday Armadillo. Available to stream on Netflix, but be quick!Holiday Armadillo
  4. Community Season 1, Episode 12, “Comparative Religion” – This Christmas episode of Community really sets the bar high for all Christmas episodes to follow. Shirley, a devout Christian, wants to throw a Christmas party for the study group but quickly realizes that everyone has a different religious background. While hilarity ensues in trying to keep everyone included and be open to learn about various other religions, Jeff finds himself in a standoff with the school bullies. Despite their better judgment, the whole study group ends up in a mass brawl with said bullies and the final scene features our heroes bleeding, black and blue singing holiday songs in the library. It’s seriously so good. Available to stream on Hulu.Community
  5. Scrubs Season 1, Episode 11, “My Own Personal Jesus” – I know I rave about Friends literally constantly, but Scrubs has it all. It manages to be heavy and light simultaneously and this episode epitomizes how well the series handled those contrasts. Turk has a rough Christmas Eve at the hospital and it shakes his faith. However, he witnesses and plays a major role in a Christmas miracle when God beckons him to a Christmas tree in a park where a young, single mom has unexpectedly gone into labor. It will make you laugh and cry, and leave you feeling those Christmassy feelings. Available to stream on Hulu.

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 7.49.39 PM

Am I the only person strange enough to have a holiday tv playlist, so to speak? What are your favorites?

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