Couples Winter Fashion (Lighthearted)

Heyooo! Happy Wednesday! Do you guys listen to My Favorite Murder? On their minisodes, they read listener emails and when an email is just silly instead of true crime, (lighthearted) will often be in the subject line. Nothing could be more appropriate for this post, because as I’ve mentioned before, I am Leigh Ann “Life is not a fashion show” Lastname, and let’s just say, my fashion inspiration is much more highbrow than its practice.

Fortunately, this go, I was somehow able to convince Kyle to share some of his fashion sense with us. Much to his credit, he looks cute every day of his life. I do feel like it’s notably easier to look put together in men’s fashion, but maybe I’m just salty. Anyway, without further ado, here’s a lighthearted winter fashion look book of the husband and wife nature.

Business Casual

Kyle likes combining sharp blazers with more casual athletic style jackets. He saw this in store and kind of ran with it. I think it’s super dapper! You could dress this up with desert boots or down with tennis shoes:

Blazer, zip-up hoodie, jeans, and shoes are New Balance.

Me? I keep it super simple. I actually much prefer winter fashion over summer because I can pull it together with a strict uniform: sweater and jeans. Want to dress it down? Sneakers. Want to dress it up? Booties. I have approximately 15 variations of this exact outfit:

Sweater, jeans (more on them later!), and the update to my waterproof bootie.

Casual Date Night

Kyle’s casual date night look is very similar to his business casual look. He’s just swapped out the zip-up for a graphic tee (The Flash! Kyle’s the cutest) and ditched neutrals for some fun burgundy hues. I still think you could dress this up with more formal shoes! Also, this blazer is super fun because the hoodie element zips out for a more classic blazer look:

Blazer with removable hoodie, graphic tee is old navyjeans, and shoes are New Balance.

I’m calling my look casual because it’s not necessarily something I would wear to a nice restaurant, but I would consider it comfy, elevated, and hopefully… edgy? (That’s my life’s most unachievable dream.) Similar to Kyle, I’ve combined a really casual graphic tee with a kind of tailored leather jacket and then I topped it off with dressier flat boots:

Faux leather jacket dupe, tee, jeans, and the update to my booties.

What are some of your go to winter pieces?

xoxo lighthearted, but make it fashion


3 responses to “Couples Winter Fashion (Lighthearted)”

  1. baileyhatch9342 Avatar

    Okay how is he a model?

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    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      Dude it’s infuriating. He’s perpetually tall and cute.


    2. Crystal Myers Avatar
      Crystal Myers

      I was just about to comment this same thing.

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