Hello From Quarantine

Happy Memorial Day, fam! It’s been a while. I hope you’re all doing well during this truly strange time. Long story short, our household is doing okay. We’re all homebodies by nature, so other than wanting to do house projects and being too afraid to go to Home Depot, we’re kind of peachy. Well, as peachy as you can be during a global pandemic.

Where have I been? Truth be told, I’ve got three rather lengthy completed posts in my drafts folder, but I’m going to spare you reading them and give you the very quick synopsis:

  1. January/February was an exceptionally shitty time professionally for myself and my coworkers. Back then, it seemed like things couldn’t really get worse.
  2. As we all know, March was like, “Wait, hold my beer.” Lockdown time. Pandemic. Death. Soul crushing anxiety like you’ve never experienced. Perspective is hilarious in that way, right? January seems like a damn good time by comparison.
  3. I was overcome with outrageous cynicism about my college experience and basically wrote a scathing review of my least favorite professor, lol. Why? Idk. Quarantine does strange things to us all.

Anyway, my mother in law shared a really awesome post on Facebook yesterday, and unfortunately I can’t link it because it’s just a shared status going around, but here’s the gist:

“We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat.”

I literally think I got goosebumps after reading how concisely the author of this piece (also unknown, sorry!) has summed up what we’re going through. So yeah, we’re all stuck at home, petrified we’re going to run out of toilet paper. Literally all of us. But, not all of us have lost loved ones. Not all of us are well. Sadly, some of us who were here at the start of this, are tragically not anymore. Not all of us were able to keep our jobs/childcare/steady income/literally whatever else corona has impacted. So whether you’re firmly planted on your couch until there’s a vaccine, or you’re on a $60 roundtrip flight to Bali right now because you give zero shits about corona, we truly are all weathering the same storm. Be kind. And may I just kindly say if you’re even considering setting foot on a plane for leisure in the near future, I respectfully think you are a looney tune.

My boat, you ask? My boat is good, all considered. I had the opportunity to completely shut down and require frequent zoom visits with a mental health professional (which, I recommend if you’re struggling in any way right now), but I’ve shockingly kept it pretty together over here. I think not having to socially exhaust myself in public daily has been a savior in this unsavory situation.

TikTok of all things got me jazzed the hell up about painting again.

No commute/reason to look presentable has way upped my fitness game. I’ve been working out the most I ever have in my life. (I’ve also been snacking like there’s no tomorrow, but uh, balance?)

I’ve read like seven books and streamed a ton of new stuff and old favorites.

House projects galore. I think this will be the first home that truly has our personal touch on it, and I’m loving getting to spend so much time in it. Related, can someone teach me how to Pinterest?

I’ve cried a lot. Mostly late at night. And it’s sad and awful but it’s also cathartic. I may not be out in the world, but I’m definitely still a part of it. And all this loss, it’s devastating, but a needed reminder of how fleeting life is, so I’m trying to really appreciate it more.

I’ve had video chats and zoom parties and long phone calls and meaningful conversations.

Also, and this is kind of big, I’ve really taken to the work from home life. I’ve always assumed I would like it, but almost been a little anxious of it. I love it, though. I’m sure having Kyle here makes it that much better, but I’m already wondering how I can turn this into a permanent structure for myself. It truly is just so much better for someone of my social composition.

So yeah, that’s it for now. I’ve got posts coming your way! I miss it here. I hope you and yours are finding yourselves well and safe, and having a sunny and awesome Memorial Day weekend!

xoxo president of the homebody club



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    This is perfect and we miss you here.

    Xoxo your VP

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