Hey, I’m on a podcast!

Guys, it’s a very exciting Wednesday!

My wildly talented friend Alex (@alexalexchaney) is launching his podcast, Happy Unhappy.

A little bit about Alex: He’s actually no stranger to the blog. You’ve heard me talk about bands A Story Told and Kids Amen? Yup, that’s his voice you’re hearing.

Humble brag for sure, but you know my dope ass wedding photos? Yeah, he took those.

Also, he’s an excellent friend and person. Chances are, if you’ve heard me rave about a night in with friends or a night out with music, Alex was likely there. And, I cover this in the podcast, but he’s just the coolest person I know.

Also, he’s a fellow West Virginian living in Columbus, and there’s just nothing better than hometown friends.

A little bit about Happy Unhappy podcast: In Alex’s words, it’s “A podcast about learning to enjoy the process and not the outcome on the journey to living a life that doesn’t suck.” And man, it could not have come at a better time.

I’m insanely honored to be the first guest *jumps up and down excitedly*. We chat through taking care of your mental health during the pandemic, the importance of creating authentic content, comparison on social media, and just how sustainable happiness is. (We also talk briefly about how I apparently just discovered walking at the age of 31, but like, be easy on me, I’ve never been on a podcast before. And “literally” count: 1837, oops!)


I’ve had the pleasure of listening to a couple of other episodes in the works, and I’ll just say, totally removing my bias, that this is about to be your favorite podcast. Thought provoking. Uplifting. And a comforting reminder that no one has all their shit together, so we’re all in good company.

Listen and share!

Keep up with Alex and his many talents @alexalexchaney on Instagram, and listen to Happy Unhappy on Apple or Spotify 🙂

xoxo leigh ann



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