13 Days of BlogOween and My Fall Bucket List!

Man, 2020 has been so weird. A lot is uncertain, but my love for Halloween remains, therefore, there will still be 13 Days of BlogOween! It’s no surprise that this autumn’s bucket list looks very different, but I’m just rolling with the punches and ready to squeeze every ounce of fun out of my favorite season.

  1. Carve pumpkins! This is one of my favorite Halloween traditions, and Kyle and I actually take it pretty seriously. Keep an eye on this space as we inch closer to Halloween for some carving fun!         IMG_8111
  2. Bake up some fun fall vegan treats. If you’re new here, I’m sensitive to dairy and eggs, so when it comes to dessert, vegan is the only way to go! There’s usually more failures than successes in the kitchen, but it’s still fun to try! Also, I tried to make some pumpkin spice pancakes this morning and they were, uh, gross. But the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies of yore, too good!
  3. Reopen my etsy shop! If you’ve been around for a really long time, you’ll know that laughing at leigh ann actually started as an etsy shop (LA makes stuff, super good name…). Creating has always been a passion of mine, but in the years post-college, those efforts shifted from making art to writing words. But!! 2020 gave me time to really appreciate all of the ways I love to create, and I’m hoping to share them with you soon!
  4. Spend some time out in nature. Guys, for the past nine years (until March), I have spent 40 hours a week in windowless, over air conditioned buildings, I have worn sweaters year round, and I often find myself too exhausted during evenings and weekends to do anything other than prepare for the windowless week ahead. Now, I’m not saying 2020 has been good to us by any means, but there have been blessings in disguise. One of those is that working at my dining room table, I’ve had a front row seat to all that every season has to offer, and let me just say, my autumn view has been gorgeous. No commute = get outside and smell the leaves the second my workday is over. (This is not my dining room window view haha, but it is close by!)tempImageIlNLPP
  5. Watch all the Halloween things. This already had a truly spooky start with The Haunting of Bly Manor (more on that later), but it doesn’t end there! I’ll be (re)sharing my usual favorites throughout these thirteen days, but I also love new suggestions!         IMG_4875
  6. Have some safe Halloween fun! If you know me, you know that Halloween and trick-or-treat are my jam, but this year looks really different. Though trick-or-treat is allowed in my county, Kyle and I are choosing to forego this year for obvious reasons. I’m going to be sharing some fun ideas for keeping your kiddos and yourselves entertained at home during this spooky szn!
  7. Finish up our guest bedroom! This is a long term fall goal as I’m still not entirely sure what life I’d like to breathe into that space, but I did buy paint, and that’s a start!
  8. Read a couple of books. I started off quarantine season strong in the reading department and knocked out a ton of books that had piled up. However, when warm weather swooped in, I ended up spending a ton of time being active outside and kind of fell off the bookworm wagon. I recently purchased Mindy Kaling’s new series of essays, Nothing Like I Imagined, from Amazon, and they are warm and wonderful. If you need some quick uplifting reads to get you back into cozy book reading mode, I recommend starting there.
  9. Try something new for dinner! I am a terrible cook. My husband is not. We have done very little eating out since March (and by very little, I mean we’ve ordered pizza like three times since August and the third time I didn’t feel well, so I’m done with it all), and it’s led to some fun meal ideas in our house! My favorite is P.F. Chang’s inspired lettuce wraps, but I’m looking forward to whatever he comes up with next!
  10. Get back into a healthy fitness routine. I started out the year and quarantine strong when it came to my health and fitness. I definitely haven’t reversed all that work, because I still try to walk 10+ miles a week, but I haven’t picked up a pair of dumbbells in a few months, and HIIT? Never heard of her. But seriously, it’s about to be a long season of bored in the house in the house bored, and fitness is a great distraction!

What are you looking forward to this fall? I’d love to know!

xoxo Linus is my boyfriend ❤



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