BlogOween Day 12: Our Halloween Costumes

I cannot believe how quickly October has flown by! It’s my favorite time of year, and here we are at the end of it. It’s a little bittersweet, but I’m still looking forward to the holiday season. 

Full transparency, I’m losing steam as we round the last days of BlogOween. Life has been uncertain and stressful, and I’ve really enjoyed lounging around for a few days, watching movies, keeping warm by the fireplace, and listening to the rain. And, not that we’ve had any wild Halloweens in recent years, but this year’s costumes serve literally zero purpose other than my entertainment, and so, they didn’t require much effort. 

Seeing as I’ve had some costumes that I’m pretty proud of in the past, I did want to share a few tips for a really great costume for Halloweens to come! 

  1. Start planning early. Not early like November 1st of the previous year, but early as in start gathering some general ideas around August. Costumes are much easier to execute when you’re not tied to any tight shipping deadlines or frantically crafting/sewing in advance of all hallow’s eve. 
  2. Never store bought. I don’t mean you need to invest in a sewing machine and build your costume from the ground up, no. I just mean that any kind of costume you find all put together in a bag is a no go. When you pair real articles of clothing (from your closest!) and real props, the effect is more authentic. Also, it’s easy on the wallet!
  3. Don’t get lost in the details. Wrong wand, wrong shoes, wrong haircut? None of that really matters. If you’ve brought every perfect detail of your character to life, that’s awesome, but differences are all good too. You just want enough similarity to get the point across! 
  4. You can do it! “I could never sew that.” “I could never paint that.” “I could never come up with that idea.” Wrong, you can. 
  5. Finally, have fun with it. A few years ago, during the beloved Halloweekend, we all ended up going out as WB characters from different shows. Kyle, Josh, and I were Jughead, Archie, and Betty respectively and I was pretty certain no one would really know who we were. But, I also didn’t care! In the end though, when we went to get pizza at the end of the night, our server said I had an impossible choice between the two of them lol. 

Here are some of my favorites from over the years 🙂

And this year? Well before I hop right back on the couch, I give you Harry Potter (got this tie/glasses set from Amazon and the quality is so good) and Nick Miller… or Bea Arthur, eye of the beholder.

xoxo I’ll be waiting for The Great Pumpkin






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