BlogOween Day 13: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, witches! We had a bit of a video fail, so sharing what we talked about with pictures of our pumpkins 🙂

Did you go trick-or-treating as a kid?

Him: Yes, until I was in about sixth grade. Until we were older, we all (his brother, sister, and parents) went together. 
Me: Yes, until I was probably too old to do so. Think I even went trick-or-treating my freshman year of high school. My parents wouldn’t let me go with just friends until I was in middle school, haha.

What’s been your favorite costume? 

Him: One year I went as a ninja.
Me: I went as an iPod my freshman year of college, and my song was “Thriller”. (Kyle also took this opportunity to make fun of me for being the wind once. My mom thinks this is hilarious too, but I thought it was a good idea and I’d do it again, hmph!)

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

Him: KitKats, but Nerds are a close second.
Me: Nerds. The last few years I found spicy Nerds in wild flavors like Mango Chile and they’re. so. good. 

Least favorite Halloween candy (something you got in your bucket every year and hated):

Him: Candy corn.
Me: Peanut Butter Kisses, those things in the orange and black wax paper wrappers, ew. 

What’s your favorite Halloween movie?

Him: Hocus Pocus 
Me: Dracula: Dead and Loving It

Any Favorite Halloween traditions?

Him: Going to the Cincinnati Zoo in costumes.
Me: One of my good friend’s used to throw an awesome Halloween party for us kids every year, and her mom even gave out trophies for costume awards.

Did you carve pumpkins?

Him: Yes, every year, always jack-o-lanterns, nothing too crazy.
Me: Not that I can recall, maybe why I love it now! 

Hope you all are having a safe and fun Halloween! See you soon! 

xoxo Linus and Crush



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