Blogmas Day 2: The Bachelorette Recap With Crystal!

It’s a snowy Blogmas Wednesday here in Ohio, and it’s giving me all the Christmas feels! Is it snowy where you are? 

If you’re new around here: hi, hello, welcome. I actually celebrate Blogmas in tandem with @shutupcrystal, and she vlogs everyday leading up to Christmas on her Youtube channel! Additionally, Crystal and I have recapped every single episode of The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, and Bachelor in Paradise since Becca’s season! Can you believe that?! Anyway, luck would just so have it that Blogmas and The Bachelorette have unprecedented overlap this year, so look for Blogmas Bachelorette Wednesdays in this little space. 

In Tayshia’s fourth week of her journey to find love, there are art classes, and haunted houses, and two on one dates, oh my! There’s also heartbreak, but we won’t dwell on that. Be sure to follow along with Crystal everyday until Christmas for some fun holiday cheer to lift your spirits!

xoxo Blogmas Bachelorette with Crystal & Leigh Ann


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