Blogmas Day 16: The Bachelorette Recap with Crystal, Hometowns!

Holy hometowns, Batman! No spoilers ahead unless you didn’t watch Monday night’s episode. As is tradition, I’m sharing a little bit about my hometown today!

I was born and raised in West Virginia, and I may be biased, but it’s the prettiest place on earth. I lived in southern WV until I was about ten, but don’t let the south fool you, we had tons of snow. Most notably, in 1998 when I was in third grade, we got three FEET of snow that collapsed our local Kroger and kept me out of school for a month! Anyway, at ten years old we moved to a suburb of West Virginia’s capital called Hurricane, but pronounced, are you ready for this? Her-ī-cūn. I don’t make the rules! It’s a smallish town where everyone knows everyone, and I’m glad to have grown up there. We’re not known for much outside of our name, but we do have an incredibly fancy wave pool, and my high school has churned out a professional athlete or two over the years.

If I were on a hometown date, I’d take my suitor up the road a ways to Fayetteville, WV, to hike Long Point Trail and view the New River Gorge Bridge. We’d pit stop at Pies & Pints for a slice of pizza and some local brews (you’re welcome, America, for Pies & Pints; that’s WV’s doing!) before heading back to Hurricane to meet my mom and dad. They live on opposite ends of town. My mom would be anxious to embarrass me with stories my very anxious existence and my dad would want to talk shop about cars and motorcycles.

So, that’s my hometown in a nutshell, but enough about me!

We had the pleasure of seeing innovative “hometown” dates for Tayshia’s final four suitors: Brendan, Zac, Ivan, and Ben. Not only are Tayshia’s relationships stronger than ever, the boys have also built a solid bromance, and you love to see it! While hometowns definitely up the ante for familial relationships, they’re also traditionally Bachelor Nation’s window of opportunity to drop the Love word. Will Tayshia be met by the men’s families with glowing reviews or grilled with harsh skepticism? Will the guys share what’s truly on their hearts, and will Tayshia reciprocate? Watch to find out!

And be sure to keep up with Vlogmas on Crystal’s youtube channel!

xoxo Crystal & Leigh Ann






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