Blogmas Day 23: The Bachelorette Finale with Crystal!

It’s almost Christmas! And The Bachelorette has reached its (actually) dramatic conclusion! 

In last night’s finale, forget what you thought you knew about anything! Only two men will go on to meet Tayshia’s family, but you’ll be shocked to see which two men make the cut! Will Tayshia’s dad approve of these men? Will Tayshia get cold feet at the buzzer? Watch to find out! 

Also, be sure to keep up with Vlogmas on Crystal’s channel, and don’t forget to check back in two weeks, when Matt James embarks on his journey to find love!

Thanks for sticking with us through another fun season of recaps! I made a little this or that to use and share!

IMG_0074 xoxo Crystal & Leigh Ann


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