Blogoween Day 2: The Bachelorette Recap with Crystal!

I seriously can’t believe it’s already time for another season of The Bachelorette! It feels like we just finished Katie’s season, and we quite literally did just finish Bachelor in Paradise. If you missed our recaps for those, they’re all on Crystal’s youtube channel for your viewing pleasure.

Anyway, it’s time for Michelle Young to find love, but before we get into that, it occurred to me that I’ve never really explained how Crystal and I met and how we got into recapping (she will have to explain the latter because I truly don’t know how this happened, but I’m so glad it did). To try and make a long story short, we did not like each other when we first met. And since we’re generally on the topic of Halloween, I actually first met Crystal in real life at a campus Halloween party where I was wearing my most clever Halloween costume of all time: iPod (song was, “Thriller,” of course), with giant earbuds. If you’re gen Z, feel free to google what an iPod is/was. If you’re a millennial, I know, I’m good at Halloween. Anyway, Crystal and I did not speak.

The following fall, we ended up working the same part-time job. At the mall, duh. Our dislike for each other was spoken at this point, but baseless; it was always baseless, lol. Anyway, after several months of refusal to work with each other, our manager finally said something to the tune of, “Get it together, or you’ll both need new jobs!” So, we were civil, and by civil I mean we ignored each other – at work, on campus, in shared classes.

Some time after that, our mutual friends brought us together and we realized that we weren’t sure what the beef was. She’s been one of my besties ever since, and now we recap all things The Bachelor while living hundreds of miles apart. She’s basically my most long distance friend and the one I spend the most time with. Our weekly hangouts are rays of sunshine in my life!

In addition to recaps, Crystal also vlogs (the vibe is Casey Neistat meets Emma Chamberlain but better, even), and she is my favorite Youtuber. She also keeps this blog looking pretty and is just generally one of my favorite people.

Now to Michelle! I’d forgotten how cool she was! She’s also like, really beautiful. She’s a teacher, an athlete, close with her parents, and generally seems to want to better the world. I want to be more like her, sheesh! In last night’s episode there were 30 suitors vying for her affection, and there were definitely some standouts. I’ll spare all the fun details (why read when you can watch our recap?!), but I’ll say my standout guys are Nayte, Joe, Romeo, and a firefighter…. or two. I hope you enjoy our premier recap and will join us every Tuesday night on Crystal’s youtube channel!

xoxo Pumpkins and Roses


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