Blogoween Day 9: The Bachelorette Recap with Kyle!

Hey, hello! My recapping partner in crime was tending to a professional obligation yesterday in a very different time zone, so I grabbed my husband Kyle, and we still recapped!

Since I shared a little about how Crystal and I met last week, I wanted to also share how I met Kyle, aka #kylebot, aka Queenie, aka Boozle.

In my very real life, people get a kick out of this story. And it’s not a long one.

Once upon a time, nearly a decade ago, I was an assistant manager for a retail store whose name I won’t drop, but let’s just say it’s dark, loud, you can smell it (in a good way) a mile away, and it is often the subject of TikTok spoofs. Anyway, there I am, just managing my little butt off, bummed that my favorite boss of all time was moving on to greener pastures, when a tall, dark haired man enters my store late on a Sunday afternoon. I quickly glance at his face: good, and demanded (I am a manager after all lol) one of my part time associates to recruit him to be another part time associate.

A few minutes later, part time associate runs over to me and says, “He’s our new store manager.” My embarrassment is only outweighed by my anger because I have, baselessly, decided in my head that the coveted store manager title should be my own even though there were three individuals more senior and more talented in front of me. Back then, I probably would’ve said I was mad on their behalf, but now I’m old and more open about my pettiness and can tell you I was mad for me, lol.

Spoiler alert, this man is Kyle. I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, she married her boss. Scandalous!” As much as I’d love for that wildly entertaining story to be true, it’s just not. We did not get along at all. And not in a flirtatious way. In a mutual and unspoken I find you annoying and incompetent way.

Shoot, I said this story would be short. So, I quit my job. There was a derecho. My post mall job plans fell through because of said derecho. We fell in love. We got married.

And then we recapped The Bachelorette:

xoxo Bachelorette Recap with BOO


2 responses to “Blogoween Day 9: The Bachelorette Recap with Kyle!”

  1. Crystal Myers Avatar
    Crystal Myers

    1. I hope you used “greener” on purpose”
    2. I love that you and I and you and Kyle basically have the same origin story.


  2. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

    Hahahaha I have literally never thought about this but you really hit the nail on the head. Two soulmates!


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