Blogmas Day 4: Gifting Ideas Based on Your FYP Part 1

Hi, happy Blogmas Saturday! Have you been watching Vlogmas over on Crystal’s channel? It’s the coziest place on Youtube, so don’t miss out!

Today, I’ve got a fun twist on my usual gift guide- gifts based on your giftee’s corner of TikTok. Sure, maybe I used to be too old for the app, but fortunately, Rod is paving the way for all millennials, and right now, TikTok is my favorite platform. Curate your #fyp carefully, and TikTok is a very happy place to be. So, without further ado, a gift guide… based on your For You Page, or #gifttok, if you will.

If you’re on #cleantok…

  1. The Pink Stuff has been all over TikTok and if you haven’t tried it, I can confirm firsthand that you’re missing out. It comes in several different forms, but we got the miracle cleaning paste, and it packs a punch. When we bought this house, we inherited a scratched up stainless steel kitchen sink, and this has worked wonders! Something to note, this is abrasive, so I wouldn’t advise using frequently on fiberglass or things that can become porous.
  2. The Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber is the ideal solution for all your current clean-it-with-an-old-toothbrush needs, only it spins as well, so it’s working double time. I personally think this would be great for cleaning grout and hard to reach areas of the shower, but TikTok is using this on everything. Maybe just buy a dedicated one for bathroom cleaning, lol.
  3. This last one is more of a Youtube find, but I wish the people of TikTok would use these instead of dumping chemicals all over every household surface. I saw Leigh Ann Says using E-cloths, and I was intrigued. E-cloths are special microfiber towels that claim to replace every household cleaner (yes, even disinfectant) with just the addition of water. (I’ll 100% still be using antibacterial sprays for kitchen/bathroom because it’s just not a risk I’m willing to take, but you do you.) I snagged the Stainless Steel E-cloth today, and I hope to report it as a favorite next month.

If you’re on #beautytok

  1. You know that Revlon blowdryer that took the world by storm a few years ago? Well, guess who’s back and betta than evah? The Revlon One Step has evolved into a smaller, sleeker version, and if that weren’t enticing enough, the brush now detaches from the base for easier storage/travel. Mine is still in great working condition (thanks again, Crystal, for this awesome gift!), but once it fizzles, like all hair dryers eventually do, I’m going to replace with the update!
  2. I think the concept of at home gel manicures intrigues everyone, but I speak for most of us when I say, the notion is intimidating. Right before the world shut down, I got a gel kit for my birthday, and after two years, I finally think I’ve got the hang of it. Sharing what I know- the choice of curing light doesn’t matter too much, but polish brand 100% does. I started with two sets of Gellen polishes, which I don’t recommend as nearly every color was the same, and all the polishes dried out within a year. I do recommend Gelish (amazon) and DND polishes. I use the Gelish light, and the set came with dehydrator, base, top coat, two nail polishes, and cuticle oil; it was the perfect starter set to learn the process, which also takes patience, grasshopper.
  3. If you haven’t seen a million ads for the Juno & Co. Clean 10 Cleansing Balm, we’re on different corners of TikTok. I’ve not tried it, but I’ve seen the videos and I’m a believer. If you’re searching for a makeup remover that works, I think this might be the one.

If you’re on #salmonandrice TikTok

  1. Do I love Emily Mariko? Yes, I’m human. But, does her pleasing aesthetic and dietary perfection stress me out? Also yes, I’m human. I’ve seen a bunch of people try to make their own open-faced sushi creations, but after some research, I’ve learned that not just any mayo will do the trick. You need Kewpie mayo. It’s a Japanese mayonnaise that is sweetened and made with rice vinegar. And, for the first time in several months, it’s actually in stock and is a hilarious (and tasty) gift. Plus, it’s good for salads and dipping!
  2. #Foodtok isn’t just known for salmon and rice. I find the baking side of TikTok beyond calming, and seeing the kitchens of all these bakers has taught me something important: baking supplies don’t have to be ugly, bulky, and mismatched. Tiny kitchen in your Brooklyn studio apartment? I got you. This set of nesting mixing bowls/measuring cups and spoons by Joseph Joseph is not only gorgeous, it’s useful. In fact, just peruse the whole Joseph Joseph brand. It speaks to my wanna-be-pastry-chef soul.
  3. Another Youtube find, but have you ever heard of a meat masher? I hadn’t either. I’m thinking the beyond terrible name is why this nifty kitchen utensil hasn’t caught on. Kyle and I are huge fans of throwing chicken or beef into the crockpot and then shredding it for salads/wraps/bowls/tacos/you name it! And while cooking meat in a crockpot is the easiest thing ever, shredding it afterward can be kind of a daunting task, UNLESS, you have a meat masher. This utensil is an absolute game changer. Just throw your cooked meat in a bowl, spin this around a little, and you’ll have finely shredded meat ready for those barbecue chicken sandwiches that are a year round favorite in this house.

Happy gifting!! And nope, this isn’t all, I’ll be back tomorrow with more gifts based on your TikTok neck of the woods!

xoxo Your Neighborhood Elf



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5 responses to “Blogmas Day 4: Gifting Ideas Based on Your FYP Part 1”

  1. Jeffery Lilly Avatar
    Jeffery Lilly

    You make my holidays happier

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      It’s mutual. Love you!!! 💕


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  3. Olivia Avatar

    I was just thinking earlier today, as I was cleaning my glass stovetop with lots of elbow grease, that I want to try and get on #cleantok. Thanks for sharing these!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      So I tried the e-cloth yesterday, and it did not work so great on stainless steel but it was really good for the glass stovetop!


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