BlogOWeen Day 5: September Favorites

Fall is just the best, am I right? And even though I’m newly infatuated with summer, when the first day of fall rolls around, the shorts get packed up, the Halloween decorations come out, and it’s spooky szn around here until December 1st. Sharing some of my favorites from the last little bit of summer and the start of fall!

This just wouldn’t be me if it didn’t include some movies and tv!

  1. The Winx Saga, season 2! Everyone’s back to Alfea, and if you thought the drama of season 1 was over and smooth sailing was on the horizon, you thought wrong! If you missed out on the first season of The Winx Saga on Netflix, simply put, it’s Harry Potter meets The Twilight Saga meets The Mortal Instruments, and it’s the best parts of each. In the mood for some spooky, witchy, save-the-world kind of fun? Then, this series is the one for you!Winx
  2. Hocus Pocus 2, obviously. Hocus Pocus is a Halloween staple, and the long awaited sequel is finally here, streaming on Disney +. Hot take: the Sanderson sisters are back and better than ever, as I truly feel like somehow, this sequel is even more fun than the original! With a stellar cast and fun musical numbers, I have no doubt that this sequel will hold up as well as its predecessor, bringing Halloween family fun to many for years and years to come. Disclaimer: still not down with ole Bette’s generalization of my gorgeous home state and its people…
  3. A grown up twist on ramen noodles! Found this super quick and easy recipe on TikTok, and we eat this literally once a week! So good!
  4. Brassica! If you find yourself in the Columbus, Ohio area, you have to make a stop at Brassica for some truly delicious and quick Mediterranean style food and vegan chocolate chip cookies! After hearing the girls in my office rave about Brassica for months, I finally gave it a try and there’s no turning back now! I crave it constantly, and with their commitment to serving locally grown organic foods sustainably, they’re dishing out tasty meals that you can feel good about! If you’re a fan of sister Northstar Cafe, be sure to give Brassica a try!
  5. This last one feels a little random, but sharing anyway! Can we all hold hands and agree that these new fits and leg shapes of trendy denim are wildly unforgiving when it comes to VPL (visible panty line)?! Idk the science behind the pants getting baggier and underwear somehow becoming more visible, but I am over it. I set out about a year ago to find the perfect no show underwear and it has certainly been a journey. The criteria? No VPL (obvi), preferably a cotton gusset, and doesn’t break the bank (Soma, $18 for a single pair of underwear?! Criminal!!). After several failed attempts from the likes of Aerie and VS, I actually grabbed a pair of Gilly Hicks No Show Hiphuggers solely so I could get free shipping on an order, and SURPRISE! They’re the best ever, and currently on sale for under 5 bucks, score! You can check out their selection of no show undies here.

What have you been loving lately?

xoxo I put a spell on you!



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2 responses to “BlogOWeen Day 5: September Favorites”

  1. rosemaryhelenxo Avatar

    I’m so glad someone else loves Winx Saga and Hocus Pocus 2 – I felt like I was going crazy as I couldn’t find anyone else who loved these! Hocus Pocus 2 definitely made me feel like a kid again getting spooked by the Sanderson sisters!

    Rose | Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger
    @rosemaryhelenxo |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      I loved them both so much!!! Winx seems so so underrated, I can’t believe it’s not way more hyped up!


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