BlogOWeen Day 7: Last Minute Costume Ideas

Are you the type? Halloween is less than a week away and you definitely need a costume, but don’t have one? I got you!

The best part of Halloween, in my opinion, is dressing up! From spooky to topical to downright hilarious, costume options are boundless. One rule around here? Store-bought-costumes-in-a-bag are not allowed. So many costumes are possible using only clothing and props you already have! And if you’re missing something? You can fill in the gaps with things that you will use IRL, not just for Halloween. Here are some of my simple and fun costume ideas!

  1. The icon herself, Lizzie McGuire, cartoon edition – if she isn’t just the definition of nostalgia, I don’t know what is. All you need? A pink tank top, jeans, and orange flip flops. I’ve seen a few people throw in butterfly clips for the early Y2K of it all, so I say go for what makes you happy!
  2. Wanda and Vision, but not like regular Wanda and Vision…. Wanda and Vision dressed up as themselves for Halloween! None of this is practical for real life (if it is for you though, slay), but this costume idea just seems so freaking fun to me! I was able to find all the gear on amazon if you’re in a last minute pickle, but if you’ve got some time and want to shop small? I suggest visiting etsy for Wanda’s mask and Vision’s cape, and your local dance wear shop (dancers, iykyk) for leotards and unitards. That, or try your hand at making a costume. You can do it!
  3. Off duty Iron Man, aka: Tony Stark – I have to laugh at this one because it seems so simple, but I also think it’s super recognizable and fun. All you need? A black tee, a puck light, and some skin safe adhesive (I’m thinking boob tape!).

I think you get the idea! When pressed for time or budget, keep it simple! Keep it recognizable. Think of your favorite tv/movie/real life celebrities or concepts or WHATEVER (I saw someone dressed as a Croc on TikTok), and have fun with it! Here are some fun costumes my friends and I have come up with over the years. Who will you be on October 31st?



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3 responses to “BlogOWeen Day 7: Last Minute Costume Ideas”

  1. Crystal Myers Avatar
    Crystal Myers


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    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      Me too!!! I want to do it so bad and Kyle refuses!!! Next year I’m Wanda !


  2. Mom Avatar

    I love you ingenuity. Hard to believe that my Kyle dresses up like these photos. They are priceless

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