Blogmas Day 2: Ultimate Stocking Stuffers

I’m a broken record at this point, but aren’t stockings just the most fun part of Christmas morning? I come from a long line of excellent stocking curators, and I’m just out here trying to one-up them year after year. Sure, a stocking full of candy is reason enough to party, but let’s get a little more personal, and a lot more creative. Breaking out some fun stocking stuffer ideas by category!


Flint Lint Roller – I will never stop mentioning this because it’s the coolest thing ever. Everyone needs a mini retractable lint roller, so useful!

Philips One Toothbrush – You love your electric toothbrush, but it’s a little too bulky for travel? You need a Philips One. Complete with compact carrying case, your pearly whites can be fresh and clean here, there, anywhere. Bonus, it comes in a bunch of cool colors!

Bril Toothbrush Sterilizer – Great for travel and at home, this tiny toothbrush sterilizer can guard your bristles, using UV-C light to kill millions of germs in minutes!

Home Office

Electronic Cleaning Brush – Let’s be real, we’re all making use of headphones and keyboards daily, and painful as it is to admit, those things get a little… crusty. The solution? A small cleaning brush designed to get into tight spaces and get rid of gunk! If you’re looking for a cleaner more tailored to headphones specifically, amazon has some great options.

Flameless Lighter – If you’ve ever found yourself on cozy home TikTok, you’ve probably seen a flameless lighter. We picked up one this summer, and I can confirm that it works very well, and I have peace of mind knowing I’ve not got a bunch of butane laying around. Rechargeable with up to 300 lights per charge, I’m a fan of the Modwix EcoLight from Williams Sanoma.

Wireless Charging Stand – This is one of those things that seemed useless to me until I received one in my stocking last year, and now I use it daily. There’s a charging stand to suit all of your needs (watch, headphones, and phone, or any combination of the three!), but for me, I only need a phone dock and I love this one from Anker because it charges my phone upright and sideways, which is nice for charging while also streaming videos or using the headphone port.

Beauty/Self Care

Mini Deodorant – Give me mini anything, seriously! I love to gift mini deodorants, especially because Native releases seasonal scents for the holidays, and they’re always so fun. You can shop Native seasonal scents here.

Gel Manicure Kit – I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, if you’re a polished nails person, an at-home gel manicure setup will save you so much money! Check out my wishlist post for a more involved setup, but for starters, these kits from Le Mini Macaron cannot be beat. Requiring no base or top coats, this is a hassle free mani that will have you looking and feeling put together in no time!

Chapstick (duh) – My favorite addition to any stocking for anyone is lip balm. The options are endless, especially during the holiday season, but some of my favorites are eos The Hero, Chap Stick Candy Cane (has zero business being so good), and Smith’s Balm.


Goodr Sunglasses – I can’t hype these things up enough. I randomly grabbed a pair in our local Fleet feet, and they’ve replaced all of my other shades. They’re super lightweight, durable, and made of a grippy material that is ideal for running, walking, hanging out on the beach… anything sweaty that usually renders sunglasses useless. In fact, these sunglasses are made for runners by runners! With a ton of affordable options to choose from, there’s a Goodr for everyone.

Socks – I don’t understand why every gifting influencer is always naysaying socks! Socks are something we all use, and cozy winter cabin socks? Yes, please.

Funko Pops – I know some people will disagree with these as a fun stocking stuffer, but Kyle and I are obsessed with Pops. Having lived through peak Beanie Baby craze, we were well prepped for the Pops life. With a Pop to celebrate nearly every pop culture fandom, these make unique little stocking stuffers for anyone on your list!

What are some of your favorite stocking goodies?

Currently listening to: “Santa Stole My Lady” by Fitz and The Tantrums

xoxo Stocking Aficionado


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