Blogmas Day 4: Already Got It Wishlist

So, I’ve been seeing this fun trend on TikTok, @vicky.conroy – things I’d put on my Christmas list if I didn’t already own them, and honestly, there’s no better recommendation than one based on firsthand experience! Also, if you’re into comfy, cozy, daily vlogger vibes with a dash of motivation, you should follow Vicky!

While Vicky’s list doesn’t exactly match my lifestyle, I still thought it would be cool to share a few things that I own and love, so if you’re struggling with gifting this year, keep reading!

  1. Apple AirPods – I’ll be honest, I was fully against these things during the initial hype circa 2018. My phone came with its own free pair of earbuds (those were the days), so why on earth would I need a ludicrously expensive, very likely to get lost pair? Well, I was wrong, haha. Do I think the price is too high? Yes. Do I think that other brands do the same thing for much cheaper? Probably. But, I’ve had mine for four years, and they’re still going strong.
    Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 2.28.10 PM
    Pros: Long battery life, case also holds a charge, lightweight, perfect fit, adjustable settings for use (for instance double tap on my right ear skips a song, double tap on my left goes back a song, but there are so many options!), distance range from pods to connected device is great, easy to use with all of my bluetooth capable devices (even non-Apple)
    Cons: Could very easily be lost, the more affordable versions are not compatible with mag chargers
    Personal most common use: Walking/running, podcasting, and best of all, phone conversations while my phone is on the charger
    Conclusion: I totally underestimated the perks of not being tethered to a device and I use my AirPods daily!
  2. Birkencrocs – You’ve seen these all over the place, and for good reason, they’re invincible. My only wish is to someday relocate to Florida and wear these things comfortably year round. Birkencrocs, as dubbed by my friend’s hilarious husband, are Birkenstock sandals that are made of super lightweight, water-resistant Croc material. They come in one billion colors, two widths, and best of all, they’re pretty affordable, especially when you factor in that they’ve got the longevity of a regular pair of Birks- I’m talking years.
    Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 2.28.36 PM
    Pros: Lightweight, water resistant, comfortable, more fashionable than Crocs
    Cons: Thus far, mine seem to be invincible, having survived two beach trips, many miles, a tragic paint spilling fiasco, tons of water and mud, and even a pile of dog crap. Why is invincible a con? Well, as mentioned, they come in a billion colors, and I really have no reason to buy more if my current pair is still looking new! (Did that stop me from getting lavender? No, it did not)
    Personal most common use: Anything and everything requiring shoes for the warmer months and same + socks for the colder ones
    Conclusion: You need these. I suggest pale yellow if you’re feeling adventurous!
  3. At Home Gel Manicure Kit – Another I’ve mentioned before, this is a game changer. If you like having your nails done, but don’t love the cost associated with a biweekly trip to the salon, this is the solution! I’m not a need my nails done to feel complete type of person, but, I do feel more put together when my nails are done and they go a long way in deterring my compulsive skin picking, so win win! There are so many affordable options for doing gel manis at home (here’s looking at you, Le Mini Macaron!), and I would say generally speaking, an at home setup will have paid for itself in 1-2 skipped trips to the salon. When it comes to polishes, stick with what you’ve heard of! I recommend Gelish, Le Mini Macaron, and Beetles for quality and value.
    Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 2.29.21 PM
    Pros: Save that paper, girl! Also, having access to colors so you can fix any chips is great!
    Cons: There is a learning curve, but you’ll get there
    Personal most common use: A break from skin picking
    Conclusion: If you’re an always polished type, go for it!
  4. Electric Toothbrush – I got a Philips Sonicare toothbrush for Christmas 5 years ago, and one thing is for sure: I will never go back to a manual toothbrush. When I travel and take a manual toothbrush, my teeth feel so crusty! Also, I recently stumbled upon a dental hygienist’s guide to toothbrushing, and I feel like I’m getting more out of my Sonicare than ever before! You should let your electric toothbrush do the brushing, so to speak, and be sure to angle the bristles into your gum line to get rid of any plaque buildup there.
    Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 2.29.55 PM
    Pros: Best clean, great battery life, long-term investment
    Cons: The only thing more stupid expensive than the toothbrush itself are the brush head replacements
    Personal most common use: Daily dental hygiene, duh
    Conclusion: Game changer, but Oral-B offers cheaper and likely comparable performance options
  5. Lightweight Puffer Coat – Dude, forget these monstrous Aritzia puffer coats! You need to go for one that’s rated for warmth, weighs next to nothing, and could happily fold up to 1/10 its size, live in the bottom of a suitcase for a week, and come out un-wrinkled and unscathed! That’s what I’m talking about – a low maintenance, effective winter coat. (I am literally 100 years old, I get it.) Versions of these exist everywhere across a wide range of price points, and can often be found on sale during the holiday season. I have two that I love: a short one from Abercrombie that is warm enough and a mid-length from L.L. Bean that is somehow warm when I’m outside and unbothersome when I’m inside. I’m not sure what sort of sorcery is behind that, but I’m here for it!
    Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 2.30.45 PM
    Pros: Abercrombie – affordable, cute color options, the cool kids are wearing it, L.L. Bean – extremely warm, very comfy, will likely still be wearing it when I’m 60
    Cons: Abercrombie – not as warm, L.L. Bean – not as cheap, airs on the grandma side of fashion
    Personal most common use: October-May (Ohio winter, it’s sad because it’s true)
    Conclusion: Ditch the weird, over-priced, fast fashion thing that takes up 1/3 of your coat closet and invest in a warm and compact optionWhat are a few of your favorite things?

    Currently listening to: “My Christmas List” by Simple Plan

    xoxo Birkencrocs 4E


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  1. crystal myers Avatar
    crystal myers

    That unclean, traditional travel toothbrush feeling is so REAL


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