Blogmas Day 8: My Holiday Bucket List

And just like that, a week of December has come and gone, and I’m feeling the usual holiday stressors creeping in – there’s so many festively fun things to do and so little time! And in the spirit of writing these thoughts down and getting them out of my head, I give you, my holiday bucket list! 

  1. Every year, I set a 12 book reading goal, start out strong, then fall so far behind by November that I just give up. But, this year I’m not so far behind, just a little, and I’m determined to read TWO more books before 2022 wraps up! I just finished a holiday book today, and next in line are Funny You Should Ask by Elissa Sussman, and The Stand-In by Lily Chu. Wish me luck! 
  2. I want to do a little Christmassy exploration of downtown Columbus! Last Friday, we trekked downtown for Kyle’s work Christmas party, and because we were running late, per always, we didn’t really get to check out the holiday happenings. So Kyle, if you’re reading this, date night, downtown! 
  3. Watch. All. The. Classics. Yes, I’m talking movies and shows, when am I not? There are so, so, many Christmas classics to accomplish, and I already feel behind! I’ll re-share my favorites in the coming days! (Re-share? Yes! Because I work way too dang hard on this every year to not, and the classics aren’t changing, am I right?)
  4. Road trip to home sweet home WV to see family and friends! Nothing beats a wild and wonderful Christmas, and occasionally I’ll get so lucky as to catch our very own Crystalmas during the holiday season. Last year was probably my favorite holiday visit yet! She and I played Guess Who and laughed our faces off at my dad’s house! 
  5. Create a new habit – they say it takes 21 days to create a habit, and ya girl is in desperate need of a morning routine before 2023! As work from home life has gone on, sleeping until the last possible second feels more like a right than a privilege, and I’m 100% sure all my coworkers are sick of seeing me zit-patched with the ponytail I slept in during video meetings. 
  6. Finish (and start for that matter, oops!) a painting I’m doing for the nursery of some friends of ours! I’m running with an idea I saw online, and I’m a little nervous to tackle a style I’ve never tried before, but hey, I can always paint over it if it doesn’t work out. I’ll be sure to share that once it’s underway 🙂
  7. Lucky number seven, take some time to really reflect on the reason for the season, the birth of our Savior, abundant grace, another year of blessings, and time with those I love most. 

Currently listening to: “Wake Up, Wake Up” by Matt Wertz

xoxo Sleigh Ann



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