Blogmas Day 12: Yet Another Grown Up Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

What’s the happy haps? As always, I hope you and the missus are doing well and staying warm and Covid free. 2022 was quite a year, and I’m writing early because even though the blocking of the Suez Canal is a distant memory, there are still supply chain issues, sheesh! Those are the least of my worries though, and dare I say, this list may be the most tedious one yet. Grab a cup of cocoa and settle in, big guy.

  1. A magical remedy for hair loss. Idk that more needs to be said here, but I think I speak on behalf of thousands of people when I ask that you and the lab elves figure this out pronto. I mean, there’s got to be a reason your hair is so luscious, right? Anyway, remedy, please and thank you!
  2. If I could magically happen upon a free trip to NYC during the most wonderful time of the year, coughinthenexttwoweekscough, that would be stellar! I’d like to stay at The Plaza Hotel, and I’d like to see Funny Girl on Broadway. Simple girl, simple needs, am I right?
  3. In keeping with the simplicity, I actually do really want these weird mechanical pencils from Amazon. Because, as we all know from TikTok, adulthood is nothing if not an odd collection of writing utensils.
  4. Speaking of writing, if you could bestow upon me the motivation to finish this book I’ve been working on for, oh, I don’t know, ten years, I’d be forever grateful!
  5. Little Chuck told me she would like a small couch for her living room. She’d write to you herself, but you know, no thumbs.
  6. Thumbs remind me, mine are attached to hands that are attached to (very long) arms, that are lacking pretty severely in full coverage for the winter months. Some long sleeve shirts would be great! And none of that cropped nonsense.
  7. Still holding out for another season of Dash & Lily, but I would settle for a streaming service that only houses Christmas movies and Christmas television episodes. Bonus points if I’m the owner of said streaming service. Bonus, bonus, if it extends to include Halloween as well. I’ll never ask for anything again if I can call it Boo Bells. Please?
  8. Hear me out, what if I had a personal stylist? I think I’ve taken, “Life is not a fashion show,” a little too far over the years.
  9. But seriously, it’s been a long stretch of political tension, global pandemic, and Facebook still existing, so above all else, it would be wonderful if this holiday season was full of joy, good health, and literally any other social media platform.
  10. As always, Santa, please keep this magic alive and well with me!

Currently listening to: “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” by Michael Bublé

xoxo Leigh Ann


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