Blogmas Day 15: 22 Learnings of 2022

Another year has nearly come and gone, and it’s been filled with ups and downs and a whole lot of learning. Maybe too much learning. Kidding, sort of. Sharing some of the tidbits that will stick with me beyond 2022, and I hope you’ll have some time to reflect on this T. Swift year as well! 

  1. Hair is temporary, lol
  2. BUT, depression can be too! Wahoo! 
  3. You can play Jeopardy on Echo devices, and it is glorious
  4. Laguna Beach still slaps
  5. Fact: you can’t just give dogs any ole peanut butter, it’s got to be the healthy stuff with like two ingredients… the more you know! 
  6. Spray sunscreen? Not as effective as the lotion kind
  7. 8 hours of sleep each night will actually benefit your focus and productivity
  8. Thor has two brothers, and they’re also ridiculously good looking
  9. The Summer Fridays lip balm is worth the hype
  10. I don’t eat enough vegetables, and you probably don’t either
  11. TikTok is factually the best social media platform
  12. Everyone should try therapy at some point
  13. Dwelling on the weird thing you said yesterday, last week, four months ago, will not actually change the fact that you said it. Move on!
  14. To piggyback on that, nine times out of ten, you’re the only person thinking about something you did or said
  15. If saying yes to the plans you don’t really want to have isn’t serving you, just say no
  16. If Mindy Kaling had something to do with it, it’s probably great
  17. All the word games are fun, but Quordle is the best
  18. The only way to remember to skip a monthly subscription is to add a recurring reminder to your email
  19. Comfort shows are real! I have many, but the coziest is definitely Gilmore Girls
  20. Less is more and simple is better when it comes to skincare
  21. There’s no stopping the clock
  22. Do the nice thing that crosses your mind, a little bit of kindness goes a long way

Let’s see what our Blink 182 year has to offer! 

Currently listening to: “Not Another Christmas Song” by Blink 182

xoxo Learning with Leigh Ann



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