Blogmas Day 19: 2022 Highlights

2022 has felt like a tough year. I mean, for all of us, have the past three years been easy, breezy, beautiful? I think not. In the thick of things, it can sometimes be hard to see the bright spots, but perusing my camera roll this morning, I felt so much joy reliving this year’s high points! This is your sign to do the same – even if it’s felt like a doozy of a year, I’m willing to bet there were some really good chapters, too! 

January doesn’t count. We can all agree on that, right?

February 2022

We’ve been in Columbus all this time, and yet, this past February was our first ever visit to Cosi! We specifically went to see the Avengers exhibit as an early birthday gift for Kyle, but this outing felt pivotal for a few reasons: 

  1. It was the first “non-necessity” outing we’d done since the world shut down in March of 2020. It was both exhilarating and nerve wracking to just do something fun, but I think it gave us both a long awaited sense of freedom
  2. This little outing was also the first time I’d gone out and about post the whole alopecia thing. For some reason, that felt big to me
  3. The Avenger exhibit was next level and we snagged some limited goodies for Mr. Marvel’s birthday


March 2022

March is a real birthday bonanza around here. Kyle and I both have birthdays in March, as well as a handful of our best friends! We went on a day date to the immersive Van Gogh exhibit and it was so awesome.

April 2022

My favorite flowers bloomed, and in addition to being beautiful, they are such a sweet hint of warmer months to come. If I’ve learned anything over the past three years, it’s that summer is superior. 

May 2022

Buckle up, baby! May was the most fun and exciting month of my year! 

  1. We packed up the elderberry and N95’s and hopped on a plane to NYC! We spent a whirlwind 2.5 days in the heart of the city and, very uncharacteristic to how we usually vacation, we had a jam packed schedule. The main event? Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which was, as I’m sure you can imagine, stellar! I’ve been daydreaming of moving to NYC for the past couple of years, and I’d really hoped that this trip would get that out of my system, but unfortunately, it did quite the opposite. Good food, so much art, and I’m never expected to drive a car? Sounds like a dream!
  2. Caught a last minute but very awesome Ben Rector and Jake Scott show. It finally felt like we were getting all the best parts of Columbus back! 
  3. But wait! There’s more! Kaylee and I went to see the Biebs, and our seats were *chefs kiss*.

June 2022

June was another fun month! We packed up the Subaru and headed south for our (now annual) beach trip with Kyle’s family in North Carolina. And we pit stopped in WV on the way down! We had such a fun time, despite record high temps, and really enjoyed spending the week with our niece, her time as an only child quickly running out! We also caught The Band Camino at Kemba Live, and they. never. disappoint.

July 2022

July featured a visit from my dad, and a very successful watermelon margarita recipe!


August 2022

In August, we had a party celebrating the fast approaching arrival of our nephew, put in some major sweat equity in the backyard, met our sweet and Chunky nephew when he showed up two weeks early, and celebrated one of my best friends and mom-to-be! Also, we got rollerblades. They would later injure me pretty badly, but we’re talking highlights here, lol! 

September 2022

My mom came to visit for a weekend! We shopped and napped and marveled at just how good her hair looks in a claw clip, jealous. And obviously, we visited a pumpkin patch! 

October 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Seriously, I love Halloween so much, and we had ourselves a really fun October. We even took a week off of work to head to Fayetteville, WV for Bridge Day and spend some time with my dad! On the way home, we stopped in Point Pleasant, WV for some Mothman shenanigans, and the whole trip really refreshed and reset me in the best possible way. 

Then, Halloween 2022. It was certainly the most fun Halloween since our world turned upside down! Josh was in town, our family stopped by for trick-or-treat, and everyone dressed up and had a really nice time! Can you guess who Kyle and I are? Also, props to Josh on a hilarious costume idea.

November 2022

In November, we feasted. But before that? We went to a hockey game! And I was reminded of how much freaking fun they are! 


December 2022

December is still a work in progress, and I can’t help but feel like the best is yet to come. It’s already been so cozy and fun though, so here’s a snippet of a beautiful lights display in downtown Columbus! 

Not pictured? A marathon run of Bachelor recaps with the one and only Crystal (I’m already counting down to January because I miss her), a ton of Be(ing) Real(s), and infinite Chuck snuggles. I hope you’ll make some time to reflect on 2022, and I’m wishing you so much joy in 2023! 

Currently listening to: “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” by Hanson

xoxo Leigh Ann




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2 responses to “Blogmas Day 19: 2022 Highlights”

  1. Crystal Myers Avatar
    Crystal Myers

    I love this new addition (?) to blogmas!!! I ALSO DIDN’T KNOW HOW CLOSE YOU WERE FOR CURSED CHILD. Let’s move to NYC together. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      Can you imagine the kind of fun we’d have in NYC?!?!? I’m down if you are. BRB sending you my Zillow saves


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