Blogmas Day 24: Best and Worst of Prime Video Christmas Movies 2022

Merry Christmas Eve, pals! We’ve had a cozy day indoors, only venturing out to pay a visit to Kyle’s grandma and we might brave the icy roads once more to pick up our traditional Christmas Eve sushi. I’m feeling so grateful for the week off, and despite plans getting all mixed up due to this snowy, frigid weather, we’re refreshed and blessed. I hope you all have some downtime to spend with loved ones tomorrow, and I’ve got some new streaming gems for you to snuggle up and watch on Prime Video.

The Best

About Fate – Margot (Emma Roberts) and Griffin wake up on December 30th, in their identical apartments on opposite ends of town, preparing for the answering and asking of one of the most important questions of their lives – “Will you marry me?” The catch? They’re not a couple. When their respective proposals don’t carry out as planned at their local Bennigan’s, a series of hilarious and strange events land them together, attending Margot’s sister’s New Year’s Eve wedding as “boyfriend and girlfriend”… what could go wrong? So much! Hilarious, warm, and the perfect watch for the strange time warp between Christmas and New Year’s Day!

Bottom line: 7 out of 5 candy canes, that good. My top holiday streaming pick of the season!

The Super Cute

Something from Tiffany’s It’s giving Freaky Friday with one key difference: the swap is objects, not people. Imagine Ethan’s surprise when he hands his girlfriend (Shay Mitchell) a Tiffany’s box on Christmas morning, only to discover the box contains earrings, and not the diamond ring he purchased. Similarly, think of Gary’s shock when instead of gifting his girlfriend Rachel (Zoey Deutch) earrings, he finds himself in the middle of his own proposal accidentally. A mess of memory loss, less than stellar significant others, and the compromises we make for those we love, this rom-com will leave your heart warm, and your stomach wishing it had an endless supply of fancy bread.

Bottom line: 5 out of 5 candy canes, will watch again!

The Good

Your Christmas or Mine? When last minute romantic gestures land James and Hayley at each other’s family homes solo for Christmas, hilarity ensues as they meet each other’s parents, navigating a web of fibs they’ve each shared in lieu of the truth. James in the army? Not so much. Hayley still engaged? Nope. Their relationship is tested as they’re both entirely out of their elements and spending Christmas in very unfamiliar and uncomfortable circumstances. Somehow, even apart, they learn so much about each other and bring both families together for an epic Christmas celebration.

Bottom line: 4.5 out of 5 candy canes, super cute!

The final verdict? Prime Video had a lot more to offer than Netflix this year! I thoroughly enjoyed all three of these, and I’m glad to have another holiday streaming destination next year! Merry Christmas Eve to all of you!

Currently listening to: “Sleigh Ride” by fun.

xoxo Leigh Ann



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