Old Year, Old Me

We’re about to round out another year, and there’s no denying that this one has been full of many happy things. However, as I was rushing around this morning, running late for work for about the billionth time in the last six months, I felt incredibly disappointed in myself. If you’re anything like me, closing in on a new year, you’ll begin to assess how you held up against your resolutions. If you’re really like me, you’re probably scratching your head, wondering what those resolutions even were… But as I sit here, with no abs, every skin related symptom of dehydration, fondly reminiscing on the half pizza I just ate, I feel almost certain that I didn’t resolve to change much of anything.

Sunday night, after a super relaxing and only moderately productive weekend, I said to my husband, almost exasperated, “Ugh! I never accomplish anything I want to do on the weekends.” He questioned what I’d wanted to do, and I simply said, “I wanted to paint my nails and watch a couple episodes of The Mindy Project.” Wow. Groundbreaking. Except for, not at all. It is pathetic that I am so bothered with this, that, and the other thing, that I can’t even scrounge up the time to lazily paint my nails while watching one of my favorite tv shows.

So yeah, back to this morning, hair sopping wet, should’ve left the house three minutes prior, bare eyelashes and no idea what to wear, it dawned on me: You are the only person making yourself unhappy in this way. 

As we quickly approach this last month of 2017, I’m going to try like hell to implement just one resolution, that I hope will transition this title to a more fitting, Old Year, Improved Me. And that resolution is as simple as they come: be more intentional with my time.

Effective immediately, I have bed time goals, and wake up goals, and really attainable exercise goals. Who knows? This weekend, perhaps painted nails. Maybe in a month, I’ll have defrazzled myself enough to focus my time on something truly important, like volunteering. Maybe I’ll eventually partake in a social gathering that isn’t sabotaged by the internal stress of what I need to do. 

Anyway, that’s my very public internet promise to be more intentional with my time. Please hold me accountable, friends! If you’ll excuse me, I need to go pack a lunch for tomorrow. 

xoxo LA

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Maker of artish things. TV junkie. Where's the pizza?

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